Camping can be a really exciting adventure. Spending time with friends and family while in the wilderness roughing it is some people’s idea of having a great time. I mean, what isn’t there to like? You’ve got the fresh air, the campfire, the drinks and great food. Camping is one of our favorite things do but there are sometimes when roughing it could use a little comfort.

A great air mattress is one way to get that relaxation but most of the time you will be in your tent when you are using your air mattress. On the other hand, a hammock might be just what you need if you need a little nap in the fresh air.

We want to help you find that bit of relaxation by listing some of our favorite hammocks and talk about why they are so highly rated. From simple, to more elaborate, our list of hammocks should give you a great idea of some of the highest rated hammocks on the market today. We know there are a lot to choose from so we hope our list will help you decide on the hammock that you will be taking on your next camping trip.

Enjoy our list of highly rated hammocks!

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

This is the first hammock on our list and we love this affordable single person hammock. Because it is for a single person, it isn’t built for the biggest person, so you may want to look for a double. However, for a smaller person, this hammock is great. The stitching is fantastic. There are no popped stitches, no fraying and you can tell that there were no corners cut when they made this hammock. Overall, this is a great hammock for someone under 6ft and under 200lbs. It can be a little tight if not.


– Made of heavy duty 210T parachute nylon fabric. Really strong and super comfortable
– Lightweight at 16oz and packs up small for easy storage and transporting
– 9ft long and 4.5ft wide
– Comes with Carabiners attached to the ends
– 8ft of rope
– Instruction on installing and how to tie knots

Flagship-X Double Camping Hammock

This is a great hammock at an affordable price. You won’t believe how small this tent packs up which makes it really easy to bring on a trip or to pack away. It’s a double hammock so you will have all the space you need. It comes with the tree straps and carabiner clips to make it easy to put up and use. You can’t beat this hammock for the price. If you are looking for something that is great to take on a trip and throw up fast, the Flagship-X Double Camping Hammock is the answer.


– Comes with Carabiners and extra long tree straps. Tree straps are 9ft long with 16 loops in each
– Triple stitched nylon material and weather resistant. Fits 2 people comfortable or one large person and it is rated for up to 500lbs
– Paracord bracelet included in the package that unravels into more than 9ft of cordage
– Also includes fire starter, rope, whistle and knife/scraper
– Made in the USA
– 30 day risk free return
– 1 year limited warranty

ETROL Upgraded 2 in 1 Large Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

The ETROL Upgraded 2 in 1 Large Camping Hammock already gets a plus in our book for coming with a mosquito net. No worrying about getting bitten while you are trying to take a nap. The hammock looks great, it’s comfortable and keeps all the insets away. In addition, to the hammock itself and the netting you get two tree ropes, 2 carabiners and a storage bag so you can take this hammock everywhere you need to take it. The setup is simple and it is easy to adjust if you need to. The zippers are high quality. For around $50 you are getting a super high quality hammock that will have you relaxing in no time.


– Ultra resilient and cozy, a true camping hammock
– Mosquito net is high quality and keeps the insects out
– Works as sleeping bed or double lying hammock
– Easy set up pop up insect net design
– Made of 70D nylon fabric that is soft and safe
– Straps and carabiners included

OneTigris Hammock

OneTigris hit it out of the park with this hammock. This 3 Seasons Underquilt is perfect for temperatures from 40°F to 68°F and if you want to get down to 10°F, you can use the winder Underquilt. The shape is ideal to fit in a hammock that hangs and you can tell it is made of really high quality materials. Not only is this hammock built for the elements, it is lightweight and packs up really small so you can bring it wherever you need to take it.


– 7’9 x 4’
– The shell is 20D ripstop with DWR coating that is water resistant and lightweight
– Comes in a single or double
– 3 Seasons Underquilt and Underquilt for winter
– Comes with compression sack
– Only weighs 30 oz

Lost Valley Camping Hammock

The Lost Valley Camping Hammock by Oak Creek is that last one to make our list and we couldn’t leave this hammock out. We are a big fan of this high quality hammock. The design and build are fantastic and can hold up to 350lbs. The bundle includes a rain fly, tree straps, mosquito net, guy lines, a drawstring bag and aluminum carabiners. Not only is it durable and lightweight, if something does happen to this hammock, Oak Creek is really good about taking care of any issues you might have.


– Single Hammock
– Rain fly, mosquito net, two tree straps, two stakes and two guy lines
– Tear resistant and ultra strong parachute nylon material
– Reinforced stitching and knotting that can carry up to 350lbs
– Includes accessory pouch where you keep valuables like jewelry or your phone
– Weighs less than 4lbs
– Sets up in about 3 minutes