Hiking Jackets

It can be pretty tough to shop for hiking jackets, especially if you don’t know which features to look for. The truth is that nowadays there are quite a few great brands out there to choose from, but there are also quite a few that leave out some key features that may go unnoticed until the jacket shows up at your door.

What you really want from a hiking jacket is something that will be comfortable while also allowing you to easily move while you are blazing the trails. That means you need a jacket that is lightweight and flexible, and then maybe it can have a couple of cool extra features that you might like. Of course, you also need to find a jacket that will fit just right, which will be the case if you buy one from a trusted company.

On this page we are going to take a look at five of the best hiking jackets that you can buy right now. The fact is that any of the jackets listed below are fantastic in their own ways, but you want to find the one that suits all of your needs. We have listed out all of the key features of each of the best hiking jackets to make this choice a bit easier for you so you can get one of the best hiking jackets of the season.

Wantdo Hooded Breathable Waterproof Rain Jacket

This Wantdo waterproof hiking jacket is one of the best around because of all of the extra features that they happened to add to it. First off, it is excellent in all weather conditions thanks to its waterproof and windproof fabric. Secondly, it has plenty of storage space in convenient locations. And lastly, it is extremely soft and comfortable, making it a great choice for hiking, fishing, or any other type of outdoor activity.


– Made of polyester fabric, making the jacket both light and durable
– Waterproof and windproof
– Vents under both arms to keep you cool
– Very soft for a rain jacket
– A ton of storage, including two side hand pockets, a chest pocket, an inner chest pocket, and one large inner pocket
– Adjustable cuffs
– Made for more than just hiking, so you don’t have to store it away when you’re not on the trails

Columbia Men’s Watertight II Jacket

Columbia’s Watertight II hiking jacket is perfect for anyone who wants a thinner, less bulky jacket for when they are adventuring. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of some of the other top hiking jackets out there, but that’s actually how a lot of people prefer these types of jackets. The Watertight II is as waterproof as they get and it also does a great job of keeping you cool thanks to its thin design and its mesh lining.


– Nylon and polyester materials
– Very lightweight, making it easy to maneuver while out on the trails
– New waterproof technology, making the rain run off of the jacket quickly
– Plenty of ventilation, keeping you cool even when your body temperature rises
– Multiple zippered pockets for storage
– Machine washable
– 13 inches wide, 4 inches high

Marmot Precip Jacket

One of the things that most people first notice about the Marmot Precip hiking jacket is the fact that it has a very unique and slick look. That wouldn’t matter much if it didn’t do its job out in the wilderness, but it absolutely does. Marmot has come up with its own type of weatherproofing tech, which works quite well when you get stuck in a shower or if you’re out on the rough seas. This is a great choice for people who prefer lighter, breathable hiking jackets.


– Made of 100 percent nylon
– Uses Precip Dry Touch technology, which is Marmot’s special waterproofing tech
– The unique design allows for full range of motion, ideal for climbing and hiking
– Very lightweight due to it being single layered
– Can easily be rolled up and stored, making it a great camping or backpacking jacket
– Roll-up hood
– Sleek look

Camo Coll Men’s Soft Shell Hooded Tactical Jacket

For cold weather hiking, the Camo Coll soft shell hiking jacket is one of the best options that you’ll find. It will keep you very warm during the cold months and there are a ton of pockets all around the jacket for you to use. What most people seem to love about this Camo Coll jacket is that it can be worn every day during the fall and winter months rather than just when you’re hiking.


– Made of a high quality mix of polyester and spandex, with the lining being 100 percent polyester
– Equipped with a drawstring for both the waist and the hood, giving you that extra warmth on cold days
– Adjustable wrist cuffs
– Form fitting, giving you better range of motion
– All versions are made with camouflage colors, so great for hunting as well as hiking
– Plenty of pockets, including multiple arm and chest pockets

The North Face Men’s Venture Jacket

There are a lot of reasons why people swear by The North Face when it comes to hiking jackets. They are made of lightweight materials yet they do the job of protecting you from rain while also keeping you cool when you get moving. On top of all of that, The North Face has always done a great job of giving their hiking jackets nice looks, including the well-designed slim hood. They even went the extra mile with this one by including a Velcro closure to ensure no rain gets on you.


– Made of 100 percent nylon, making it one of the lighter hiking jackets around
– Uses a seam-sealed waterproof technology
– Plenty of ventilation, allowing you to breathe easier once your body temperature goes up
– Unique hook and loop Velcro closure
– Hidden draw cord to get the perfect snugness
– Fully adjustable hood
– Machine washable