Ian Happ vs Kevin Kiermaier Stats

Happ has a batting average of .251 for his career in baseball with 324 runs scored and an OPS of .798. During his time in professional baseball, he stepped up to bat 2,695 times and has notched a hit 587 times. His slugging percentage is .454 and he has a total of 1,062 bases. In his career, Happ has hit 108 balls out of the park while driving in 331 runs. He has struck out 765 times and has gotten a free base on 317 at-bats, which contributes in part to a .344 OBP.

Over the course of the 3,213 at-bats in his pro career, Kiermaier has accrued an average at the plate of .250 with 804 base hits. His on-base percentage sits at .310 and he has a career OPS of .722. He has a total of 436 runs in addition to having 332 runs batted in. Kiermaier has drawn a free base 249 times while striking out on 770 chances. He has gone deep 86 times, with 1,322 total bases and also a .411 slugging percentage.

Ian Happ vs Kevin Kiermaier Stats

Ian HappCareerKevin Kiermaier
737Games Played964
2,695Plate Appearances3,527
108Home Runs86
331Runs Batted In332
42Stolen Bases117
19Caught Stealing36
.251Batting Average.250
.344On-Base Percentage.310
.454Slugging Percentage.411
1,062Total Bases1,322
43Grounded Into Double Plays43
21Hit By Pitch36

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Happ has a total of 84 bases in total with 57 base hits out of 210 at-bats. He has earned an on-base percentage of .393 as well as 43 walks and 62 strikeouts. Since the beginning of the season, Ian Happ has batted in 23 runs and has accumulated a slugging percentage of .400. He has a total of 19 runs over the course of the season and has hit 4 balls out of the park. He is sitting with a batting average at the plate of .271 in addition to having an OPS of .793.

So far this year, Kiermaier has tallied 26 runs, recorded 16 RBI and has hit 4 home runs. He has struck out 34 times while compiling 78 bases in total. He has compiled an OPS of 0.842 and a slugging percentage of .488. He has walked 13 times and has an OBP of .354. Kiermaier has a tally of 48 base hits in 160 at-bats and holds a batting average of .300.

Ian Happ (2023)StatKevin Kiermaier (2023)
59Games Played50
257Plate Appearances176
19Runs Scored26
4Home Runs4
23Runs Batted In16
5Stolen Bases5
2Caught Stealing0
.271Batting Average.300
.393On-Base Percentage.354
.400Slugging Percentage.488
84Total Bases78
0Grounded Into Double Play5
1Hit By Pitch1