Jason Heyward vs Michael Conforto Stats

Heyward has raked .257 for his career in baseball with 798 scored runs and an OPS of .747. For his time in the league, he stepped into the batters box 6,377 times and has delivered with a base knock 1,443 times. He is sitting with a career slugging percentage of .407 in addition to racking up 2,289 bases. In his MLB career, Heyward has hit 164 baseballs out of the park while knocking in 652 runs. He has struck out 1,122 times and has taken a walk on 660 occasions, which contributes in part to a .339 on-base percentage.

Over the course of the 2,706 at-bats in his MLB career, Conforto has an average at the plate of .254 in addition to having 687 base hits. His OBP is .355 and he also has a career OPS of .824. He has a total of 428 runs in addition to having 421 RBIs. Conforto has recorded a free base 383 times while fanning on 758 chances. He has hit the long ball 143 times, with 1,268 total bases and also a .469 slugging percentage.

Jason Heyward vs Michael Conforto Stats

Jason HeywardCareerMichael Conforto
1,617Games Played802
6,377Plate Appearances3,160
164Home Runs143
652Runs Batted In421
119Stolen Bases20
40Caught Stealing11
.257Batting Average.254
.339On-Base Percentage.355
.407Slugging Percentage.469
2,289Total Bases1,268
95Grounded Into Double Plays58
55Hit By Pitch52

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Over the course of this season, Jason Heyward has batted in 11 runs and is sitting with a slugging percentage of .467. He is sitting with an OBP of .339 with 16 walks and 21 strikeouts. Heyward has tallied 43 bases in total with 21 hits out of 92 at-bats. He has earned a batting average at the plate of .228 in addition to having an OPS of .807. He has scored 17 runs so far this season and has hit 5 balls over the fence.

On the year, Conforto is sitting with 28 runs, accounted for 25 RBI and has earned 11 home runs. He has been struck out 48 times while compiling 73 total bases. He is sitting with an OPS of 0.810 and a slugging % of .471. He has gotten a free base 22 times and has accrued an on-base percentage of .339. Conforto is sitting with 37 hits in 155 AB’s for a batting average of .239.

Jason Heyward (2023)StatMichael Conforto (2023)
38Games Played45
112Plate Appearances180
17Runs Scored28
5Home Runs11
11Runs Batted In25
1Stolen Bases2
0Caught Stealing0
.228Batting Average.239
.339On-Base Percentage.339
.467Slugging Percentage.471
43Total Bases73
2Grounded Into Double Play4
0Hit By Pitch2