Javier Baez vs Paul DeJong Stats

Baez has earned a batting average of .255 in his time in baseball with 572 scored runs and an OPS of .744. During his time in professional baseball, he stepped up to bat 4,380 times and got on base with a hit 1,045 times. He is sitting with a career slugging percentage of .446 and he has racked up 1,827 bases. In his pro baseball career, Baez has hit 175 baseballs over the fence while knocking in 590 runs. He has gone down on strikes 1,224 times and has walked on 206 occasions, contributing to a .298 on-base percentage.

Over the course of the 2,526 at-bats in his pro career, DeJong has hit .229 with 578 base knocks. His on-base percentage is .299 and he has a career OPS of .716. He has a total of 341 runs and notched 344 RBIs. DeJong has tallied a free base 213 times while striking out on 749 chances. He has gone yard 116 times, in addition to having 1,054 total bases and a .417 slugging percentage.

Javier Baez vs Paul DeJong Stats

Javier BaezCareerPaul DeJong
1,139Games Played729
4,380Plate Appearances2,810
175Home Runs116
590Runs Batted In344
102Stolen Bases23
32Caught Stealing13
.255Batting Average.229
.298On-Base Percentage.299
.446Slugging Percentage.417
1,827Total Bases1,054
94Grounded Into Double Plays51
50Hit By Pitch48

Baez has 160 bases in total with 109 base knocks out of 498 at-bats. He has notched 57 runs so far this year and has hit 9 balls over the fence. He is sitting with a batting average at the plate of .219 in addition to holding an OPS of .587. He has accounted for an on-base percentage of .266 in addition to 24 free passes and 124 K’s. Since the start of the season, Javier Baez has batted in 58 runs and has accrued a slugging percentage of .321.

DeJong has a tally of 132 total bases with 77 base hits out of 372 at-bats. He has a total of 41 runs so far this year and has drilled 14 balls over the fence. He has earned a batting average when batting of .207 in addition to having an OPS of .612. He has tallied an on-base percentage of .258 with 21 walks and 121 K’s. Over the course of this year, Paul DeJong has hit in 38 runs and also has recorded a slugging percentage of .355.

Javier Baez (2023)StatPaul DeJong (2023)
133Games Played112
535Plate Appearances400
57Runs Scored41
9Home Runs14
58Runs Batted In38
12Stolen Bases4
0Caught Stealing4
.219Batting Average.207
.266On-Base Percentage.258
.321Slugging Percentage.355
160Total Bases132
12Grounded Into Double Play10
9Hit By Pitch5