Javier Baez vs Shohei Ohtani Stats

Javier BaezCareerShohei Ohtani
862Games Played409
3,255Plate Appearances1,606
149Home Runs93
465Runs Batted In247
81Stolen Bases55
30Caught Stealing18
.264Batting Average.264
.307On-Base Percentage.353
.477Slugging Percentage.537
1,449Total Bases752
69Grounded Into Double Plays18
35Hit By Pitch8

Baez has raked .264 for his baseball career in addition to 451 runs scored and an OPS of .783. In his time in the Majors, he stepped up to bat 3,255 times and has delivered a base hit 804 times. His career slugging percentage is .477 and he has totaled 1,449 bases. In his career, Baez has hit 149 baseballs over the fence while knocking in 465 runs. He has struck out 953 times and earned a walk on 156 occasions, which has contributed to a .307 on-base percentage.

Over the course of the 1,400 at-bats in his career, Ohtani has accumulated a batting average of .264 with 370 base hits. He has gone deep 93 times, as well as 752 total bases and also a .537 slugging percentage. Ohtani has earned a walk 188 times while striking out on 451 plate appearances. He has scored 236 runs and also has 247 runs batted in. His on-base percentage sits at .353 and he also has a career OPS of .890.

Javier BaezStatShohei Ohtani
138Games Played155
547Plate Appearances639
80Runs Scored103
31Home Runs46
87Runs Batted In100
18Stolen Bases26
5Caught Stealing10
.265Batting Average.257
.319On-Base Percentage.372
.494Slugging Percentage.592
248Total Bases318
12Grounded Into Double Play7
13Hit By Pitch4

This year, Baez has tallied 80 runs, recorded 87 RBI and has earned 31 home runs. He has walked 28 times and has recorded an on-base percentage of .319. Baez has a tally of 133 base knocks out of 502 at-bats and holds a batting average of .265. He has struck out 184 times (5th in the league) while having 248 total bases. He is sitting with an OPS of 0.813 (105th in baseball) and a slugging % of .494.

Ohtani has a total of 318 total bases with 138 base hits (66th in MLB) in 537 at-bats. He has a total of 103 runs over the course of the season and has knocked 46 balls over the fence. He has recorded a batting average of .257 while holding an OPS of .964. He has accrued an OBP of .372 with 96 walks and 189 strikeouts. So far this season, Ohtani has batted in 100 runs and has recorded a slugging percentage of .592.