Julio Jones vs Stefon Diggs Stats

Julio Jones Career Stefon Diggs
146 Games Played 106
1,373 Targets 899
882 Receptions 622
64.2% Catch Percentage 69.2%
13,399 Receiving Yards 7,727
15.2 Yards Per Reception 12.4
61 Touchdowns 52
631 1st Downs 368
81 Longest Catch 75
9.8 Yards Per Target 8.6
6.0 Receptions Per Game 5.9
91.8 Receiving Yards Per Game 72.9

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Jones (61 TD’s through the air) has an average of 91.8 yds per contest receiving and he has 6.0 receptions per game throughout his career. His longest catch of his career went for 81 yards and he’s been able to catch 64.2% of the balls thrown to him. He has hauled in 882 passes thrown his way which averages 15.2 yards per catch. Jones has totaled 13,399 yards through the air in 146 games throughout his career.

Thus far in his career, Diggs has caught 52 touchdowns and has a long reception of 75 yards. His receptions per game and yards per outing average are 5.9 and 72.9 yards. He has tallied 7,727 yards and has an average of 12.4 yards per reception. His catch percentage sits at 69.2% and he got there by catching 622 out of the 899 passes that went in his direction. Stefon Diggs has played in 106 games for his career.

Julio Jones (2022) Most Recent Season Stefon Diggs (2022)
1 Games Played 3
5 Targets 35
3 Receptions 27
60.0% Catch Percentage 77.1%
69 Receiving Yards 344
23.0 Yards Per Reception 12.7
0 Touchdowns 4
2 1st Downs 15
48 Longest Catch 53
13.8 Yards Per Target 9.8
3.0 Receptions Per Game 9.0
69.0 Receiving Yards Per Game 114.7

Jones has contributed 69 yds for the current season. His receptions per contest and yards per outing average are 3.0 and 69.0 yards. Up to this point, Jones has collected 0 touchdowns and his longest catch of the year is 48 yds. He has a total of 69 yards for the current year with an average of 23.0 yards per catch. His catch percentage is 60.0% and he got there by hauling in 3 of the 5 passes that went his way. Jones has stepped onto the gridiron in 1 games for the season.

Diggs has accumulated 344 yards through the air in his 3 games this season. He has caught 27 passes thrown his way for an average of 12.7 yards per catch. His longest reception this season went for 53 yards and he has been able to catch 77.1% of the balls thrown in his direction. Stefon Diggs (4 touchdowns through the air) has an average of 114.7 yds per contest receiving and he averages 9.0 catches per contest. Diggs has compiled 344 yds.