Kevin Kiermaier vs Myles Straw Stats

Kiermaier has an average at the plate of .250 for his career in baseball with 433 runs scored and an OPS of .720. During his time in professional baseball, he approached the plate 3,520 times and has delivered with a hit 802 times. His slugging percentage is .411 and he has totaled 1,319 bases. In his MLB career, Kiermaier has hit 86 baseballs over the fence while knocking in 332 runs. He has fanned 770 times and has taken a walk on 246 attempts at the plate, contributing to a .309 on-base percentage.

During the 1,485 at-bats in his pro career, Straw is sitting with a batting average of .245 in addition to having 364 base hits. His on-base percentage comes in at .321 and he also has a lifetime OPS of .631. He has accumulated 220 runs in addition to having earned 106 runs batted in. Straw has drawn a walk 166 times while fanning on 296 plate appearances. He has hit the long ball 5 times, with 461 total bases and also a .310 slugging percentage.

Kevin Kiermaier vs Myles Straw Stats

Kevin KiermaierCareerMyles Straw
962Games Played465
3,520Plate Appearances1,670
86Home Runs5
332Runs Batted In106
117Stolen Bases77
36Caught Stealing11
.250Batting Average.245
.309On-Base Percentage.321
.411Slugging Percentage.310
1,319Total Bases461
43Grounded Into Double Plays24
36Hit By Pitch4

Kiermaier has recorded 46 base hits in 156 at-bats for a batting average of .295. He has gotten a free base 10 times and has accounted for an OBP of .339. So far this year, Kiermaier has notched 23 runs, accounted for 16 RBI and has 4 home runs. He has an OPS of 0.820 with a slugging % of .481. He has struck out 34 times while racking up 75 bases in total.

For the current season, Myles Straw has knocked in 10 runs and also has earned a slugging percentage of .294. He has recorded an on-base percentage of .314 with 21 walks and 42 strikeouts. Straw has tallied 55 bases in total with 44 base hits in 187 at-bats. He has earned a batting average of .235 while having an OPS of .608. He has tallied 23 runs over the course of the season and has knocked 0 balls out of the park.

Kevin Kiermaier (2023)StatMyles Straw (2023)
48Games Played57
169Plate Appearances212
23Runs Scored23
4Home Runs0
16Runs Batted In10
5Stolen Bases10
0Caught Stealing1
.295Batting Average.235
.339On-Base Percentage.314
.481Slugging Percentage.294
75Total Bases55
5Grounded Into Double Play5
1Hit By Pitch1