Men’s Downhill Ski Pants

Regardless of whether you are out on the slopes many times a year or just once with your family or friends, you absolutely have to invest in a good pair of downhill ski pants. The truth is that if you don’t have a good pair of pants, you could be in for a long and uncomfortable day on the slopes rather than having the great time that you really wanted.

What makes the best men’s downhill ski pants stand out is the fact that they are made of materials that will keep you warm and comfortable no matter how long you are out on the slopes. The other thing that makes them stand out is the fact that they were built to last, so you won’t have to worry about them tearing or losing their abilities to keep you comfortable.

It’s extremely important that you end up getting downhill ski pants that feel great on your legs while you’re out on the slopes. You also want to find some that have all of the extra features that you want. Instead of taking hours to search for the perfect pair, we recommend taking a look at the list of men’s downhill ski pants below, which have all been very highly rated by people just like you.

Columbia Sportswear Men’s Ridge 2 Run II Snow Pant

The Columbia Sportswear Men’s Ridge 2 pants were designed for any type of winter activity, especially skiing. They o an amazing job of keeping your legs warm no matter how cold it may be, but they are also highly breathable so you will never get too overheated. None of that would matter if the pants didn’t feel good, but they absolutely do thanks to their high amount of flexibility. All in all, these are fantastic skiing pants that both amateur and experienced skiers have been depending on for years now.


– Outer shell is made of a high quality polyester fabric
– Very warm polyester lining
– Sealed seams make the pants waterproof
– Unique leg venting system makes them very breathable
– 10 different colors to choose from
– Available in 17 different sizes

ZOXO Men’s Windproof Waterproof Soft Shell Ski Pants

These polyester ski pants from ZOXO were built to last. They have a thick outer shell that is both water and tear resistant, and they have a nice and warm inner layer of fleece to ensure you can stay on the slopes for hours at a time. They are also very flexible in the waist and knee areas, giving your legs full range of motion while you are skiing. Considering all of those great features, it is pretty surprising that they are as low-priced as they are.


– Pants are made of a 100 percent polyester material
– Warm fleece lining keeps you warm
– Waterproof and breathable
– Wear and scratch resistant
– 3 different colors to choose from (Army Green, Grey, and Black)
– Available in 3 different sizes
– Money back guarantee included

Nonwe Men’s Outdoor Water-Resistant Fleece Snow Pants

These affordable men’s downhill ski pants from Nonwe have a number of excellent features that most people will be very satisfied with. They are both water resistant and windproof so you will not have to worry about anything getting through and cooling down your legs. They are also highly breathable, ensuring that your legs will never overheat. They were designed to be great on the slopes, but they also work quite well as hiking pants and as climbing pants. There are plenty of deep pockets in the pants, too, making them double as cargo pants when you need to carry extra items with you.


– Made of a 95 percent polyester, 5 percent spandex material
– Water resistant and windproof
– Elasticized sides for a more comfortable fit
– Large zipper pockets for additional storage
– 5 different colors to choose from
– Available in 14 different sizes

CAMEL CROWN Soft Shell Fleece Warm Ski Pants

CAMEL CROWN has been making excellent outdoor pants for years now, and these ones might just be the best ski pants that they have produced yet. They are a polyester and spandex blend, which means that they are great at blocking water and wind while also being flexible enough to be worn on the slopes. The ergonomic knee construction is the standout feature here as it allows you to have full range of motion in both of your legs. To top it all over, the stitching all over the pants is excellent and ensures that the pants will last many years.


– Made of a 75D windproof fabric
– Very warm fleece lining
– Tight weave helps these pants to be waterproof
– Outer layer is scratch and tear resistant
– Designed to give skiers full range of motion
– 3 different colors to choose from (Cool Black, Cool Grey, and Elegant Grey)
– Available in 6 different men’s sizes

KORAMAN Men’s Insulated Softshell Fleece Ski Pants

These KORAMAN pants were made to be used for all kinds of outdoor activities, but they are mostly known for being fantastic men’s downhill ski pants. They have a highly breathable material that keeps the cool air and water from getting through. They also have a nice fleece lining that will keep your legs warm for many hours at a time. These are also some of the easiest ski pants to clean as they are made of an anti-dirt fabric that you simply have to give a quick wipe to clean. Add all of that together and you have some fantastic ski pants for a very low price.


– Made of a 95 percent polyester, 5 percent spandex material
– Outer layer is windproof
– Tear and scratch resistant
– Nylon belt and stretch waistband
– High quality zipper closure
– 6 zip-closed pockets
– 2 different colors to choose from (Black and Grey)
– Available in 5 different sizes