Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs Stats

Team Offense Comparisons 2022-23

Miami HeatTeam Offense 2022-23San Antonio Spurs
22Games Played22
853Field Goals927
1,891Field Goal Attempts2,011
45.1%Field Goal Percentage46.1%
2633-Pointers Made262
7783-Point Attempts755
33.8%3-Point Percentage34.7%
5902-Pointers Made665
1,1132-Point Attempts1,256
53.0%2-Point Percentage52.9%
429Free Throws318
504Free Throw Attempts441
85.1%Free Throw Percentage72.1%
206Offensive Rebounds266
692Defensive Rebounds667
898Total Rebounds933
420Personal Fouls431
2,398Points Scored2,434
38.8Field Goals Per Game42.1
86.0Field Goal Attempts Per Game91.4
12.03-Pointers Per Game11.9
35.43-Point Attempts Per Game34.3
26.82-Pointers Made Per Game30.2
50.62-Point Attempts Per Game57.1
19.5Free Throws Per Game14.5
22.9Free Throw Attempts Per Game20.0
9.4Offensive Rebounds Per Game12.1
31.5Defensive Rebounds Per Game30.3
40.8Total Rebounds Per Game42.4
24.1Assists Per Game28.3
7.5Steals Per Game7.4
3.5Blocks Per Game4.3
14.1Turnovers Per Game16.4
19.1Personal Fouls Per Game19.6
109.0Points Per Game110.6

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Team Defense Comparison 2022-23

Miami HeatTeam Defense 2022-23San Antonio Spurs
896Field Goals Allowed1,001
1,893Field Goal Attempts Allowed1,959
47.3%Field Goal Percentage Allowed51.1%
2973-Pointers Allowed284
8353-Point Attempts Allowed711
35.6%3-Point Percentage Allowed39.9%
5992-Pointers Allowed717
1,0582-Point Attempts Allowed1,248
56.6%2-Point Percentage Allowed57.5%
332Free Throws Allowed375
429Free Throw Attempts Allowed477
77.4%Free Throw Percentage Allowed78.6%
212Offensive Rebounds Allowed218
744Defensive Rebounds Allowed751
956Total Rebounds Allowed969
575Assists Allowed608
355Turnovers Forced346
467Personal Fouls412
2,421Points Allowed2,661
40.7Field Goals Allowed Per Game45.5
86.0Field Goal Attempts Allowed Per Game89.0
13.53-Pointers Allowed Per Game12.9
38.03-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game32.3
27.22-Pointers Allowed Per Game32.6
48.12-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game56.7
15.1Free Throws Allowed Per Game17.0
19.5Free Throw Attempts Allowed Per Game21.7
9.6Offensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game9.9
33.8Defensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game34.1
43.5Total Rebounds Allowed Per Game44.0
26.1Assists Allowed Per Game27.6
16.1Turnovers Forced Per Game15.7
21.2Personal Fouls Per Game18.7
110.0Points Per Game Allowed121.0