Michael A. Taylor vs Victor Robles Stats

Taylor has raked .240 for his time in baseball in addition to 327 scored runs and an OPS of .677. He has fanned 867 times and has walked on 197 attempts at the plate, contributing to a .295 OBP. For his pro baseball career, Taylor has drilled 80 balls out of the park while driving in 296 runs. He has earned a slugging percentage of .382 and he has a total of 1,026 bases. For his time in the league, he stepped up to bat 2,921 times and also came through with a hit 645 times.

Over the course of the 1,567 at-bats in his baseball career, Robles has accumulated a batting average of .237 with 371 hits. His on-base percentage sits at .311 and he has earned a lifetime OPS of .670. He is sitting with 208 runs and also has 154 runs batted in. Robles has drawn a walk 108 times while striking out on 414 occasions. He has homered 31 times, with 563 total bases and also a .359 slugging %.

Michael A. Taylor vs Victor Robles Stats

Michael A. TaylorCareerVictor Robles
885Games Played511
2,921Plate Appearances1,782
80Home Runs31
296Runs Batted In154
101Stolen Bases66
30Caught Stealing24
.240Batting Average.237
.295On-Base Percentage.311
.382Slugging Percentage.359
1,026Total Bases563
40Grounded Into Double Plays23
15Hit By Pitch67

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For the year, Taylor has scored 16 runs, recorded 15 runs batted in and has 6 home runs. He has gotten a free base 6 times and has accrued an OBP of .265. Taylor has 27 base hits out of 124 AB’s and holds a batting average of .218. He has been struck out 48 times while accumulating 49 total bases. He has an OPS of 0.660 with a slugging % of .395.

Robles has earned 32 bases in total with 26 base hits in 89 at-bats. He has notched 13 runs this year and has drilled 0 balls out of the park. He has tallied a batting average when batting of .292 in addition to having an OPS of .748. He has an OBP of .388 with 10 walks and 14 strikeouts. Since the beginning of the campaign, Victor Robles has knocked in 8 runs and also has accumulated a slugging percentage of .360.

Michael A. Taylor (2023)StatVictor Robles (2023)
45Games Played31
133Plate Appearances107
16Runs Scored13
6Home Runs0
15Runs Batted In8
6Stolen Bases8
0Caught Stealing1
.218Batting Average.292
.265On-Base Percentage.388
.395Slugging Percentage.360
49Total Bases32
3Grounded Into Double Play3
2Hit By Pitch4