Mike Evans vs Tyreek Hill Stats

Mike Evans Career Tyreek Hill
124 Games Played 94
1,069 Targets 737
614 Receptions 500
57.4% Catch Percentage 67.8%
9,433 Receiving Yards 6,947
15.4 Yards Per Reception 13.9
76 Touchdowns 58
490 1st Downs 321
72 Longest Catch 79
8.8 Yards Per Target 9.4
5.0 Receptions Per Game 5.3
76.1 Receiving Yards Per Game 73.9

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Evans has accumulated 9,433 yards through the air in 124 games for his career. He has caught 614 passes which means he averages 15.4 YPC. His longest reception of his career went for 72 yards and he’s been able to snag 57.4% of the passes thrown to him. Evans (76 receiving touchdowns) has compiled an average of 76.1 yards per game receiving and he has 5.0 receptions per game throughout his career.

Tyreek Hill has played in 94 games throughout his career. His catch percentage sits at 67.8% and he earned that by catching 500 of the 737 passes that went in his direction. He has earned 6,947 yards and has an average of 13.9 yards per reception. Up to this point in his career, Hill has 58 receiving touchdowns and has a long reception of 79 yards. His catches per game and yards per game average are 5.3 and 73.9 yards.

Mike Evans (2022) Most Recent Season Tyreek Hill (2022)
2 Games Played 3
11 Targets 29
8 Receptions 21
72.7% Catch Percentage 72.4%
132 Receiving Yards 317
16.5 Yards Per Reception 15.1
1 Touchdowns 2
8 1st Downs 13
41 Longest Catch 60
12.0 Yards Per Target 10.9
4.0 Receptions Per Game 7.0
66.0 Receiving Yards Per Game 105.7

Evans has contributed 132 yds this season. His receptions per game and yards per game average are 4.0 and 66.0 yards. As we sit, Evans is sitting with 1 receiving touchdown and his longest catch of the year is 41 yds. He has earned 132 yards for the year and has an average of 16.5 yards/catch. His catch percentage sits at 72.7% and he got there by pulling in 8 of the 11 throws that went his way. Evans has stepped onto the field in 2 contests for the campaign.

Hill has earned 317 yards. Tyreek Hill (2 TDs through the air) holds an average of 105.7 yards per game receiving and he averages 7.0 catches per contest. His longest catch this season went for 60 yards and he has been able to catch 72.4% of the passes thrown in his direction. He has hauled in 21 balls which averages 15.1 yards per reception. Hill has racked up 317 yards as a receiver in his 3 games this year.