Mike Trout vs Ramon Laureano Stats

Trout has compiled an average at the plate of .302 for his career with 1,088 scored runs and an OPS of .998. Over the course of his time in the league, he faced a pitcher 6,395 times and has come through with a base hit 1,600 times. His slugging percentage is .585 and he has totaled 3,098 bases. In his pro baseball career, Trout has slapped 363 baseballs over the fence while driving in 927 runs. He has been struck out 1,419 times and has walked on 943 at-bats, contributing to a .413 on-base %.

Over the course of the 1,614 official at-bats in his pro career, Laureano has earned a batting average of .247 with 399 hits. He has homered 67 times, with 708 total bases and a .439 slugging percentage. Laureano has earned a free base 129 times while going down on strikes on 482 chances. He has compiled 240 runs and notched 197 RBIs. His OBP is .319 and he also has a career OPS of .758.

Mike Trout vs Ramon Laureano Stats

Mike TroutCareerRamon Laureano
1,460Games Played449
6,395Plate Appearances1,807
363Home Runs67
927Runs Batted In197
204Stolen Bases49
37Caught Stealing15
.302Batting Average.247
.413On-Base Percentage.319
.585Slugging Percentage.439
3,098Total Bases708
64Grounded Into Double Plays27
98Hit By Pitch49

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Trout has a tally of 107 total bases with 57 base hits in 205 at-bats. He has tallied 36 runs on the year and has hit 13 balls out of the park. He has amassed a batting average of .278 while holding an OPS of .891. He has accrued an OBP of .369 with 24 walks and 65 strikeouts. For this campaign, Mike Trout has knocked in 31 runs and has recorded a slugging percentage of .522.

On the year, Laureano is sitting with 15 runs, amassed 13 runs batted in and has earned 5 home runs. He has taken a walk 10 times and has accounted for an OBP of .275. Laureano has tallied 33 hits out of 154 at-bats for a batting average of .214. He has fanned 49 times while compiling 60 bases in total. He has recorded an OPS of 0.665 and a slugging percentage of .390.

Mike Trout (2023)StatRamon Laureano (2023)
53Games Played42
236Plate Appearances167
36Runs Scored15
13Home Runs5
31Runs Batted In13
0Stolen Bases4
0Caught Stealing0
.278Batting Average.214
.369On-Base Percentage.275
.522Slugging Percentage.390
107Total Bases60
0Grounded Into Double Play3
6Hit By Pitch3