Mountain Bike Pedals

The difference between a great ride and a not so great ride on the trail can be chalked up to specific accessories on your mountain bike. The performance of your own mountain bike is only as strong as the pedals you are using. Where your feet meet the pedal is the most important point of contact between you and your mountain bike. This is the point of your bike where power from your legs is transferred to the drivetrain of the bike and pushes you down the trail. It should be clear how important it is to have great pedals.

That being said, there are a plethora of different mountain bike pedals and they are not all created equally. From stock to aftermarket, mountain bike pedals can range in price and quality and we want to help you find the bests mountain bike pedals of 2018. We know it can be overwhelming trying to determine which pedals are going to be best for you so we hope this list of highly rated mountain bike pedals will help you get a little closer to your decision.

Cycorld Mountain Bike Pedals

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For you budget conscious mountain bike rider that is looking for a quick and durable upgrade to their pedals, the Cycorld Mountain Bike Pedals are a great choice for you. You aren’t getting anything over the top but you are getting pedals that are extremely durable, wide, lightweight and will stick to your feet as you bounce through the forest trails. If you are just beginning your journey into mountain biking and need some new pedals to get you started, you can’t go wrong here.


– Very Durable: [Axle] 9/16″ Cr-Mo steel spindle, [Bearings] Sealed Bearings + DU, [Body] high strength CNC Aluminum Alloy Machined.

– Extreme Grip: 8 replaceable pins on each side that will grip to your shoes in a strong way. You don’t have to worry about your feet slipping off the pedals.

– Wide Pedals: 4.56 x 3.85 x 0.65 inches. Big platform shape for pedaling efficiency and long ride comfort.

– Lightweight: 345g (0.76lb) per pair. Easy installation with 6mm Allen Wrench

– 3 Years Warranty. Pedals are suitable for: Kids’ bike, BMX, Fixie bike, Cruisers bike, Road bike, MTB bike, Mountain bike, Junior bicycle, City bicycle and more

RockBros Lightweight Mountain Bike Pedals

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We are still staying at under $20 for this next set of mountain bike pedals with the RockBros Lightweight Mountain Bike Pedals. These pedals are super wide and grippy so you won’t lose your connection on your ride through the tough terrain. These pedals really durable and have a really wide platform for an even better grip going down the trail. These pedals will take a lot of punishment and keep you moving.


– Durable and Sturdy: These pedals have high strength Cr-Mo spindles and they have a durable nylon fiber surface. These pedals will hold up to almost anything you can give them.

– Great Grips: The anti-skid nails on each pedal provide more security on the pedals and hold your feet in one spot. You won’t have to worry about the mud making you lose your grip with these pedals.

– Lightweight and wider surface: The platforms on these pedals are 4.1 inches wide and they only weigh 0.8 lbs. These pedals have high speed DU bearings which help with efficiency and comfort for the long ride.

– Simple Installation: You won’t have any trouble installing these pedals

– Will fit most bikes: From touring bikes to BMX, these pedals are universal and will fit almost anything you have.

Imrider Lightweight Polyamide Bike Pedals

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For just around $20, you can climb and get technical with the pedals by Imrider. The threaded steel studs on these pedals make a such a difference in grip when you compare them to the plastic pedals that come on most bikes. Even when comparing them to “nicer” platform pedals, these have some of the best grip you can find. As long as you have some decent shoes for biking, you aren’t going to slip unless you lose contact with the pedal. No matter the terrain, if you keep your heels low on the downhills and use good riding technique, you may never need another set of mountain bike pedals.


– Very safe peals with hard spindles that created strong grips to avoid sudden disconnection with the pedal

– The anti-skid nail surface makes it so you will not be sliding on this platform. The big wide shape of the pedal is conducive to efficient pedaling and comfort on long rides.

– Made of high quality polyamide which makes them resistant to corrosion and abrasion

– These pedals are 125mm x 108 mm x 18mm

– Pedals will fit most bikes

RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedal

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Now we are moving up in price and quality with the RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedals. Coming in at right around $45, these large platform, 8 hex pin system pedals are perfect for traction and grip. These pedals can be so grippy that you might have a hard time repositioning your foot. The nylon body is virtually indestructible so don’t worry about scraping them up. The Chester bushing and bearing system is fully serviceable and the cro-mo axle is totally sealed.

If you are on the fence about what pedals to buy, just spring a few extra dollars for these and be done with your pedal shopping. They are too durable and the performance is too great to pass up.


– Material: [body] nylon composite, [axle] chromoly steel

– Removable Pins: yes, steel

– Claimed Weight: 340 g

– Actual Weight Notes: Race Face Chester flat pedals.

– Recommended Use: mountain bike

Outside of the last pedal on our list, everyone of these pedals come in around $20 and are very highly rated mountain bike pedals. If you are in need of new pedals or want to upgrade the stock pedals that came with your bike, give one of these a try.