New York Knicks vs Phoenix Suns Stats

Team Offense Comparisons 2022-23

New York KnicksTeam Offense 2022-23Phoenix Suns
22Games Played21
930Field Goals910
2,040Field Goal Attempts1,907
45.6%Field Goal Percentage47.7%
2413-Pointers Made259
7573-Point Attempts691
31.8%3-Point Percentage37.5%
6892-Pointers Made651
1,2832-Point Attempts1,216
53.7%2-Point Percentage53.5%
434Free Throws352
545Free Throw Attempts432
79.6%Free Throw Percentage81.5%
283Offensive Rebounds246
740Defensive Rebounds668
1,023Total Rebounds914
491Personal Fouls457
2,535Points Scored2,431
42.3Field Goals Per Game43.3
92.7Field Goal Attempts Per Game90.8
11.03-Pointers Per Game12.3
34.43-Point Attempts Per Game32.9
31.32-Pointers Made Per Game31.0
58.32-Point Attempts Per Game57.9
19.7Free Throws Per Game16.8
24.8Free Throw Attempts Per Game20.6
12.9Offensive Rebounds Per Game11.7
33.6Defensive Rebounds Per Game31.8
46.5Total Rebounds Per Game43.5
24.0Assists Per Game27.0
7.0Steals Per Game7.4
4.7Blocks Per Game5.9
13.5Turnovers Per Game13.4
22.3Personal Fouls Per Game21.8
115.2Points Per Game115.8

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Team Defense Comparison 2022-23

New York KnicksTeam Defense 2022-23Phoenix Suns
917Field Goals Allowed816
2,008Field Goal Attempts Allowed1,771
45.7%Field Goal Percentage Allowed46.1%
2993-Pointers Allowed230
8483-Point Attempts Allowed627
35.3%3-Point Percentage Allowed36.7%
6182-Pointers Allowed586
1,1602-Point Attempts Allowed1,144
53.3%2-Point Percentage Allowed51.2%
424Free Throws Allowed414
560Free Throw Attempts Allowed514
75.7%Free Throw Percentage Allowed80.5%
271Offensive Rebounds Allowed215
752Defensive Rebounds Allowed661
1,023Total Rebounds Allowed876
596Assists Allowed483
309Turnovers Forced333
472Personal Fouls420
2,557Points Allowed2,276
41.7Field Goals Allowed Per Game38.9
91.3Field Goal Attempts Allowed Per Game84.3
13.63-Pointers Allowed Per Game11.0
38.53-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game29.9
28.12-Pointers Allowed Per Game27.9
52.72-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game54.5
19.3Free Throws Allowed Per Game19.7
25.5Free Throw Attempts Allowed Per Game24.5
12.3Offensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game10.2
34.2Defensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game31.5
46.5Total Rebounds Allowed Per Game41.7
27.1Assists Allowed Per Game23.0
14.0Turnovers Forced Per Game15.9
21.5Personal Fouls Per Game20.0
116.2Points Per Game Allowed108.4