Philadelphia Eagles vs Tennessee Titans Stats

Philadelphia is averaging 384.3 total yards per game and have completed 214 plays, while giving up a turnover 4 times. They have recorded 596 pass yds and 3 passing TDs so far this year, and their pass yards per game average is sitting at 198.7. The Eagles have thrown 93 passes as a team and have completed 63 of those passes during the season. They are sitting with 84 points and have an average yards/play of 5.4. As a squad, the Philadelphia Eagles are notching 28.0 points per game, which is 7th in the league.

They have intercepted 2 footballs and they are surrendering 3.02 yards/run as a team on the season. Eagles defenders have conceded 785 yards via the pass and also 145 rushing yards (1st in the league). The other team has run 177 plays and they are giving up an average of 5.25 yards per play run . Philadelphia has conceded 59 pts (19.7 per game) as well as 930 total yards. The Eagles are giving up 310.0 yards per game over the course of the season (12th in the league), and have gotten 8 takeaways.

They have recorded 167 plays, while totaling 49 completions out of 83 attempts . The Titans have a pass yards per game average of 149.7 and they have notched 1 TDs via the pass (32nd in the league). Tennessee has compiled 3 INTs for the season as well as 0 fumbled balls. Their total passing yards are at 449 yds (30th in the NFL) and have earned 22 first downs by passing. The Tennessee Titans have accumulated 271 yards on the ground and a yards per rush average of 3.8 on the campaign.

The Tennessee D has surrendered 1 rushing TDs on the year, and 77 pass completions (107 passing attempts). They have conceded 5 pass TDs and they relinquish 275.33 passing yards per game (28th in the NFL). The Titans have conceded 826 passing yards in addition to 208 yards via the run as a defense on the year. Their yards/play against average is 5.28 (1,034 total yards vs 196 plays run). They are sitting at 17th in the NFL on defense in yards/game conceded with 344.7.

Philadelphia EaglesTeam OffenseTennessee Titans
3Games Played3
84Points Scored45
1,153Total Yards720
5.4Yards Per Play4.3
681st Downs44
93Passing Attempts83
596Passing Yards449
3Passing Touchdowns1
5.9Net Yards Per Pass Attempt4.7
25Passing 1st Downs22
113Rushing Attempts71
557Rushing Yards271
4Rushing Touchdowns2
4.9Rushing Yards Per Attempt3.8
37Rushing 1st Downs15
114Penalty Yards170
61st Downs by Penalty7
45.7%Score Percentage33.3%
11.4%Turnover Percentage9.1%
384.3Total Yards Per Game240.0
71.3Plays Per Game55.7
1.3Turnovers Per Game1.0
22.71st Downs Per Game14.7
21.0Completions Per Game16
31.0Passing Attempts Per Game27.7
198.7Passing Yards Per Game150
37.7Rushing Attempts Per Game23.7
185.7Rushing Yards Per Game90

Philadelphia Eagles vs Tennessee Titans Stats

Philadelphia EaglesTeam DefenseTennessee Titans
59Points Allowed67
930Total Yards1,034
177Plays on Defense196
5.3Yards Per Play5.3
8Turnovers Forced3
6Fumble Recoveries2
551st Downs Allowed57
81Completions Allowed77
123Passing Attempts Allowed107
785Passing Yards Allowed826
8Passing Touchdowns Allowed5
47Passing 1st Downs Allowed38
48Rushing Attempts Allowed79
145Rushing Yards Allowed208
0Rushing Touchdowns Allowed1
3.0Rushing Yards Per Carry Allowed2.6
6Rushing 1st Downs Allowed13
13Defensive Penalties16
85Defensive Penalty Yards134
27.3%Defensive Score Percentage45.2%
21.2%Turnover Percentage6.5%
19.7Points Allowed Per Game22.3
310.0Total Yards Per Game Allowed344.7
18.31st Downs Per Game Allowed19.0
27.0Completions Allowed Per Game25.7
41.0Passing Attempts Allowed Per Game35.7
261.7Passing Yards Allowed Per Game275.3
16.0Rushing Attempts Allowed Per Game26.3
48Rushing Yards Allowed Per Game69