Rappelling Gloves

The mountains call your name and you need to answer with the best equipment you can get your hands on. Whether it is rappelling, belaying or climbing, you are going to want to do a little research to find out which gloves are going to best for you. You can choose from versions that are cut off for better flexibility to leather for more safety and comfort while rappelling. One thing to keep in mind is that the leather gloves are going to be better used for comfort and durability while the synthetic gloves are more breathable for keeping your hands cool and less expensive.

Most of the gloves you will find are going to have reinforced hot spots that will be ready to take the wear and tear that you are bound to dish out. They will also be double stitched for more strength and durability. You can even choose a lightweight pair with reinforced clip on points that will make your climb even more safe and fun.

So now we want to try to help you find the best gloves for rappelling and belaying. These gloves have been tested by rappelling thousands of feet and climbing hundreds of pitches and this is why they have made our list of some of the best rappelling gloves out there according to the ratings. We hope this list will help you

Black Diamond Crag Half-Finger Climbing Gloves

Black Diamond has once again come out with a solid climbing product and in this case, it happens to be the Crag Half-Finger Climbing Gloves. These gloves will keep your hands cool and safe. These gloves are durable, lightweight and breathable which makes them great for rappelling. These gloves will protect your hands without comprising the dexterity of your hands and fingers. Whether you are belaying an epic hangdog session or placing Micro Stoppers, the combination of tough synthetic leather and highly breathable stretch mesh will offer a comfortable fit and great grip.


– Imported gloves
– Made of synthetic leather
– Breathable knuckle padding and stretch mesh fabric
– Synthetic leather fingers and palm with a thumb crotch for durability and reinforced index finger
– Hook and loop cuff closure with pull on/clip on loop

Ringers Gloves R-353 Rope Rescue Gloves

The R-353 Rope Rescue Gloves by Ringers is a solid choice for anyone that plans on doing some rappelling or belaying. These gloves might feel a little odd for the first 300 ft of rope use, but once they are broken in these gloves get a little groove and work great.


– Made of 43% synthetic leather – 15% leather – 13% neoprene – 8% rubber – 4% lycra – 2% Kevlar
– Gloves are imported
– These gloves are heavy duty. They are great for firefighters, first responders and rock climbers
– R-353 rope offers protection for rappelling and belaying with durability and quality materials
– This is premium synthetic leather that has been crafted with the rappeler in mind by using leather in the palm and on the fingertips.
– Kevlar stitching
– Dexterity and durability with leather materials between the fingers. They are design to last so every belaying or rappelling effort is perfect

Rothco Full Finger Rappelling Glove

Rothco is offering a great rappelling glove with their Full Finger Rappelling Glove. Rothco is known for making quality sports and outdoor gear for almost any situation. Whether you are a recreational climber or in a combat intensive environment, the Rothco glove will do what it is supposed to do. For under $30 you are getting some great rappelling gloves that will last you a long time.


– Made of 100% leather
– Maximum durability with quality testing
– Designed to withstand the roughest and toughest users
– With Rothco, performance and comfort come hand in hand

Petzl – CORDEX, Lightweight Gloves

Petzl is know for putting out quality products and when it comes to rappelling gloves, they haven’t disappointed. You might even be shocked at when feel the quality of these gloves. Then you might start to understand the kind of products Petzl puts out there. These gloves will last you years, even when using them hard. They are not only good for climbing and rappelling but they are also great to wear around the house.

We can’t stress enough how well made these gloves are. The material is superior to most, they are well stitched and they look great. Give these gloves a shot if you are looking for a pair of rappelling gloves that will do the job.


– Made of high quality, natural leather
– Double layer of durable leather in areas wear there is high wear and tear like the palm, thumb crotch and fingertips
– Back of glove made of stretch nylon offering breathability
– Velcro closure on neoprene cuff
– Attach gloves to harness with carabiner hole

HWI Gear PRL100 Rappelling/Fast Roping Gloves

Bill Hatch designed these fantastic rappelling gloves. This design has been field tested and approved for ultimate performance while you are rappelling. The RPL100 also has reinforcement in the palm that is ergonomic. This glove exploits a material that is very resistant to abrasion which will give you all superb dexterity and fine motor movements in tactical situations while giving you all the protection you would need. In addition to what we’ve talked about, the HWI Gear PRL 100 palm is reinforced with a material that is lined with Kevlar to insulate against heat and to cut resistance for your rappelling and other rope work.

We promise that you will love this rappelling glove and you will see why it is rated so highly.


– Rappelling and fast roping are made easier with the special Bill Hatch ergonomic reinforced design
– Heat resistant with the special high abrasion resistant material that lines the glove with insulating Kevlar in the palm
– Extremely durable with knuckle wrap and a goatskin leather palm
– Flexible and durable knit material on the back of the hand for breathability
– Wrapped finger with a contour cut design