Road Bike Helmets

Every person that rides a bike or has a child that rides a bike knows that it is imperative that a helmet is worn. This is only for your protection and for those that don’t like the look, they need to change that way of thinking. Better to be safe than sorry. This applies even more when you talk about those that have a road bike that are going upwards of 30 mph.

The real issue in when looking for a road bike helmet is finding one at a reasonable cost that is well made and high quality. This is where we come in to the picture. Because there are so many options of road bike helmets, we wanted to share a short list of some of the highest rated road bike helmets for the year and talk about what makes them so great. We hope that after you read these you will have a better idea of some of your options.

We know there are plenty of options when choosing a road bike helmet so we hope you enjoy our list of some of the best road bike helmets of the year.

Critical Cycles Silas Bike Helmet

Critical Cycles has come out with another great product in their Silas bike helmet and they’ve done it at the extremely reasonable price of $19.99. Whether you are riding at high speeds on the road or through the city streets, this helmet will protect you. One of the features that make this great for the price is the built in LED light and adjustable dial.

For the price point, Silas has undergone numerous tests and has continued to pass with flying colors. Some of the key features include their DewCollector padding that eliminates odor and bacteria while slowing down the sweating. There are 24 vents in this helmet that allow it to keep you cool at all times and at the same time it will protect your head with a polyvinyl chloride outer shell and EPS foam body.


– EPS shielding foam body
– Custom fit with ErgoKnob changeable dial
– Ultra bright LED Light with 3 settings
– 24 vents for ultimate air circulation
– DewCollector padding on the interior
– Safety certified

Gonex Cycling Road Helmet

This highly rated road bike helmet by Gonex will protect you and your family while offering you a great looking and comfortable helmet. This helmet will cost you a fraction of what some other helmets will run with all of the features to protect you.

The Gonex Road Helmet is equipped with an LED light built in with three different modes. It’s got an adaptable regulator and a comfortable cushion liner meant to be shockproof. Within that helmet is the inner casing made of EPS foam that is high density and molded for comfort. The helmet is extremely lightweight but protects you like it was heavy duty.


– LED lights to be seen at night
– Rotary internal regulator that is adjustable and comfortable lining
– EPS high density inner casing
– 24 vents for cooling and air flow

Base Camp Zoom Cycling Bike Helmet

The Base Camp Zoom Cycling Bike Helmet with removable shield visor is the next highly rated road bike helmet to come out of the Base Camp’s inventory and for just over $30 you can own a helmet that looks great and protects you to the max.

Base Camp has been producing quality cycling products for more than 10 years and they claim to keep the materials for their products in a temperature controlled area for high quality materials for production. Some of these features on the helmet that are so high quality include the magnetic optical shield. The shield that comes with the helmet is made with shatterproof material which means it is going to last you a long time. To wrap this one up, you are getting your money’s worth on this highly rated helmet.


– Material: Deluxe EPS+PC
– Vents:7
– Zoom Helmet size: Single Universal Size but best suited for people with a circumference of their head of 22 to 24 inches
– Weight 229g without the lens on and the lens will add 57g

Team Obsidian Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet

Team Obsidian has come out with a great road bike helmet for the coming up year and it ranges from $60 to $70 depending on the size. This helmet is worth every penny. This helmet offers the looks, comfort and safety anyone would look for in a road bike helmet. This helmet is lightweight and at the same time, resistant to shock and very durable.

This is no cheap plastic helmet that you are getting. These helmets are made with the in-mould advanced technology. That means that these helmets are molded under pressure to create a really expanded polystyrene shell (EPS) layer that is melted together with a very strong outer layer. This gives the helmet even more durability and offers you more protection. In addition to the main safety feature, this helmet offers a detachable visor and it is extremely adjustable for a comfortable fit.


– Ventilation is fantastic with 22 big air vents for airflow and comfort
– Detachable visor
– Washable pads
– Cushioned chin strap
– Adjustable fit

Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

The final helmet of this post is the Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet. Giro has been making quality products for years and at $99.99, you would hope that this bike helmet will do the job. Fear not because this road bike helmet might be the last one you have to buy for a very long time. It’s slim shape and impressive 25 tunnel vents offer a great looking and comfortable helmet.

A feature on this helmet that we really love is the adjustable Roc Loc five fit and stability system that it offers. In addition to the stability, this helmet stays pretty quiet once you reach speeds of over 30 mph and it is really easy to adjust. It is a great helmet for those that love a little speed when they ride.


– In-Mold polycarbonate shell
– EPS impact foam
– 25 Wind Tunnel vents
– Roc Loc 5 fit adjustment
– Recommended to use in cyclocross, road cycling and triathlons