Robby Anderson vs Terry McLaurin Stats

Robby Anderson Career Terry McLaurin
83 Games Played 34
547 Targets 276
314 Receptions 174
57.4% Catch Percentage 63.0%
4,334 Receiving Yards 2,437
13.8 Yards Per Reception 14.0
24 Touchdowns 14
180 1st Downs 115
92 Longest Catch 75
7.9 Yards Per Target 8.8
3.8 Receptions Per Game 5.1
52.2 Receiving Yards Per Game 71.7

Anderson (24 TD’s through the air) has accumulated an average of 52.2 yds per game receiving and he averages 3.8 receptions per game throughout his career. His longest catch of his career went for 92 yards and he’s been able to catch 57.4% of the passes thrown in his direction. He has snatched 314 balls thrown his way which means he averages 13.8 YPC. Anderson has accumulated 4,334 yards through the air in 83 games for his career.

Up to now in his career, McLaurin has pulled in 14 touchdowns and has a long reception of 75 yards. His receptions per contest and yards per game average are 5.1 and 71.7 yards. He has a total of 2,437 yards with an average of 14.0 yards per reception. His caught pass percentage sits at 63.0% and he has that by pulling in 174 of the 276 passes that went his way. Terry McLaurin has stepped onto the field in 34 contests for his career.

Robby Anderson (2021) Most Recent Season Terry McLaurin (2021)
5 Games Played 5
29 Targets 49
12 Receptions 29
41.4% Catch Percentage 59.2%
179 Receiving Yards 400
14.9 Yards Per Reception 13.8
1 Touchdowns 3
8 1st Downs 19
57 Longest Catch 37
6.2 Yards Per Target 8.2
2.4 Receptions Per Game 5.8
35.8 Receiving Yards Per Game 80.0

Anderson has played in 5 games this year. His catch percentage is 41.4% and he has that by catching 12 out of the 29 passes that went in his direction. He has earned 179 yards for the current season and has an average of 14.9 yards/reception. Up to this point, Anderson has pulled in 1 receiving touchdown and his long reception of the year is 57 yds. His catches per game and yards per contest average are 2.4 and 35.8 yards. Anderson has contributed 179 receiving yards for the year.

McLaurin has compiled 400 receiving yards. Terry McLaurin (3 receiving TDs) holds an average of 80.0 yds per game receiving and he averages 5.8 catches per contest. His longest reception this year went for 37 yards and he has been able to catch 59.2% of the passes thrown to him. He has snatched 29 passes thrown his way which averages 13.8 yards per reception. McLaurin has hauled in 400 receiving yards in his 5 games this season.