You might be wondering how slacklines help you in climbing and you wouldn’t be the only one. However, it is just one of those things that happens to help and it is hard to pinpoint why. These two activities have been linked for years and many think it has to do with your balance and the kind of balance it takes to be good at either one of these activities.

If you look back at the history of slacklining, there are many versions of how it all started. Most will tell you it originated in the 1970’s in Yosemite Valley. There was a group of guys called The Stonemasters that started rock climbing as we know it today and then started slacklining as well for fun. Slacklining is a log like walking a tightrope and it will really hone in your balance in a low-impact way. Essentially, it is everything you need for climbing but in a different capacity.

That being said, if you are here you are probably looking for some great slacklines to start practicing on and we have some products below for you to check out. We hope you enjoy our list of highly rated slacklines and use them so you are better trained to climb.

Macaco Slackline

The slackline from Macaco comes in a complete set stocked full of great accessories to help you advance your slacklining skills. It comes with a 52’ x 2” slackline, quality ratchet with grips, a booklet, cotton bag and tree protectors.

There are a lot of great slacklines out there, but for around $30, you won’t get many slacklines with more features and add-ons. In terms of the company, Macaco is high quality when it comes to the ratchet and slackline. The ratchet is very robust and the webbing is thick. You can’t go wrong with this highly rated slackline for you and your family.


– Complete set for all of your slacklining needs
– Durable and compact ratchet with contoured grip that is ergonomic
– Tree protectors
– Cotton drawstring bag
– Booklet on ‘How to Slackline’
– Great for all levels of experience

Slackers 50-Feet Slackline Classic Set with Bonus Teaching Line

Next on our list is the Slackers 50-Feet Slackline Classic Set with Bonus Teaching Line. This slackline is really easy to install and comes with a simple storage bag. Easy to stabilize if the line starts to lose its tightness. Whether you or your kids are using the slackline by Slackers, you are going to improve your balance and increase your core strength. This can be great for you if you are a climber but it is also just a great time.


– Great training slackline
– Hone your balancing skills on this slackline
– Extras like storage bag, line to hold on to and instruction manual
– Ratchet tensioning and 2 inch wide nylon webbing for easy set-up and use
– Quick set-up
– Great for all ages and a great way to improve balance and core strength

Trailblaze Slackline Kit

This slackline kit by Trailblaze comes with everything you need to have a great time and build core strength through the slackline. In addition to the slackline itself, this package comes with a training line, tree protectors, ratchet loop for main line, ratchet for training line, a durable carrying bag and an instruction she that will walk you through the easy set-up.

The Trailblaze slackline is extremely light which makes it easy to bring with you to the beach or on a camping trip. You can set it up in just a few minuets with the step by step guide and then you and your family will be having a great time. It’s great for all ages and comes with everything you will need.


– Tested to hold over 300lbs
– Provides full body workout for you and your kids
– Easy setup and great for all ages
– Will provide training for climbing but also just a fun option for anyone
– 100% money back guarantee if you don’t love it

Gibbon Slacklines ClassicLine Slackline

Gibbon Slacklines has their ClassicLine Slackline that is the standard for quality slacklines. The simplicity of the Gibbon ClassicLine should tell you all you need to know about this slackline. The quality is top-notch. The ratchet is stout and the strap doesn’t stretch much when using it. This means it is great for beginners or people that have been training on slacklines for years. Improve your balance and have fun with this quality slackline.


– 49 feet
– Comes in Red
– Most purchased slackline in the world
– Great for beginners and all-rounders
– You are getting durability and simplicity
– 2 inch width
– Fast assembly and disassembly with two part set
– German Association for Technical Inspection approved

ZenMonkey Slacklines Kit

For under $60 you can pick up the ZenMonkey Slackline Kit. It will give you everything you need to get your slackline training started. This package includes arm trainer, heavy duty tree protectors, training line, instructions and a durable cloth carry bag.

If you are new to the slacklining game, this kit is perfect for you. It’s made of high quality materials and has great instructions to help you and the family to get started on your slacklining journey.


– Complete kit with 60 inch bark protector set, clear setup instructions, drawstring cloth carry bag, 60 feet of slackline with pro-grade ratchet and a gift box
– Ratchets are built with upgraded twin-gears for easy tensioning and structural grade carbon steel
– Longer than many starter kits which allows for more options to find a great spot to install
– Durable and long tree protectors
– Guide loops for easy setup
– High quality: made of high-grade materials and multi-weave webbing which is softer for you and your kids
– Easy and safe setup – TUV-GS certified
– Improve your balance and strength with this slackline. Great to build strength for climbing, snowboarding, surfing, yoga and other activities.