Stop Watches

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If you are training for an upcoming endurance run or any form of race, a stopwatch is something that you should utilize in your every day training. Even if you are not training for a race or what have you, it is still a great tool to use for your workout routines. Not only can you time your workouts, you can test yourself and take yourself to the limit. Stopwatches are especially useful if you are a runner, jogger, or someone that enjoys to test themselves. Many people will do an act of running or a series of obstacles all while being timed. Once they finish their first trial, they will go for another one will try to do whatever it is they are doing faster than they did the last time they tried. Improving time is an excellent way of testing your speed and agility, it is also a fantastic way to train yourself to be better than you were before. Although it may seem that any old watch will do the trick, this is untrue. Many professional stopwatches will go all the way down to the millisecond, making sure that no time is wasted. For this reason, down below are some of the best stopwatches out their on the market brought to you by different companies who all specialize in helping you enhance your performance.

MARATHON Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer

The MARATHON Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer is a product that is brought to you by the company MARATHON. Like many of MARATHON’s products, this one will not disappoint. This stopwatch is a great tool to start utilizing on your daily workout routines. If you are one that is getting ready for a race or endurance run, this stopwatch is perfect to time yourself and watch your progress. Not only is this stopwatch extremely durable, it is waterproof so you can take it with you on your next swimming session or run in the rain without having to worry about water damage. Comes in yellow, red, and black.


– Waterproof
– Large number display on face of the watch
– Digital
– Displays hour, minute, seconds, and 1/100th second accuracy
– Alarm features
– Displays month and time as well as the year and day

Digital Professional Handheld LCD Chronograph

The Digital Professional Handheld LCD Chronograph is a product that is brought to you by the company LuckyStone. This stopwatch is a perfect way to record your times when doing timed runs. Going down to the millisecond, this is an extremely accurate stopwatch that not only will record your times, it is water resistant and includes a strap for your wrist. Not only will this record your time, it has an alarm system as well. This watch is used by professional sport coaches and referees.


– Displays date, time, and calendar
– Durable
– Waterproof
– Double count timer mode to record more than one time
– Measures down to the millisecond

ProCoach RS-013 Water Resistant Sports Watch

The ProCoach RS-013 Water Resistant Sports Watch is a watch that is brought to you by the company ProCoach. This is a watch that is commonly seen being sported by professional sports coaches and referees. The watch has a simple, black casing design with digital numbers. This sport watch tells the time and even the date, as well as keeping track of whatever it is you may need to record the time for.


– Simple Design, easy to use
– Durable
– Water Resistant
– Includes alarm feature
– Tells the time and date as well as recording your time

Travelway Digital Stopwatch

The Travelway Digital Stopwatch is a product that is brought to you by the company Travelway. This stopwatch is unique in the way that is does not include all of the added features such as alarms, date, time, etc. The people of Travelway took their time to listen to the feedback of their customers and realized that a large amount of people find that the added features to complicate the device and confuses many of the consumers. Because of this, Travelway cut the extra features out of the watch so the customer was able to use the device better. A simple, yet technological piece of equipment, this stopwatch is extremely accurate with telling you your training time by 1/100th of a second.


– Easy to use
– Clear display
– Requires AAA batteries
– Child friendly
– Lightweight and durable

ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor A601X Stopwatch

The ACCUSPLIT PRO Survivor is a product that is brought to you by the company ACCUSPLIT. Just as the name says, this stopwatch is a survivor and will be sure to last you for years and years to come. With a digital and easy to read display, this stopwatch is simple to use and has a sleek design that fits perfectly in your hand. Coming in an array of different colors, find one that suits you best.


– 5 year lithium battery
– Easy to use
– Sleek design
– Magnum XL digits
– Easy to read display

CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch

CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch is a watch that is brought to you by the company CakCity. This is a sporty looking watch that acts like a normal watch, strapping around your wrist. It also tells the time and date. An added feature which many sport watches do not have that this one does, is a background light that illuminates the background so you can see the digits clearly.


– Water Resistant
– Durable
– Great for any terrain
– Sleek design
– Straps to wrist

Ultrak 100 Lap Memory Timer

The Ultrak 100 Lap Memory Timer is a product that is brought to you by the company Ultrak. This stopwatch is an extremely useful tool to use if you are interested in improving your performance. This stopwatch is a top grade quality product that will last years of everyday use. Measure up to 10 hours of recording time. If you are preparing for an upcoming event such as a marathon or even a race, this is one of the best stopwatches you can get on the market today. With a sleek design, the watch will fit right in your hand, close to your fingers for easy access pressing on right on the millisecond. This watch has a time, calendar, and alarm.


– Water resistant
– Lithium battery will last years
– Measures up to 10 hours
– Takes splits from with recall mode
– Recallable memory