Tyler Herro vs Victor Oladipo Stats

In regard to stats per game, Herro sports an average of 4.4 assists and 5.8 boards. He has compiled 149 steals, as well as 45 rejections and 735 assists. Sitting with 951 defensive boards and 91 on the offensive end, Herro has compiled 1,042 rebounds in total during his career. Sitting with an effective field goal rate of 52.2%, he has also accumulated 306 fouls and 457 giveaways. Herro has made 471 out of his 545 shot attempts at the foul line, which had him sitting at a clip of 86.4%. By converting 844 out of his 1,740 2pt tries, he has accumulated an average of 48.5%. By converting 511 out of 1,344 baskets from downtown, he has compiled a 3pt percentage of 38.0%. By putting in 1,355 shots of 3,084 tries, Herro has a 43.9% shooting percentage. He tallies 20.1 pts per 36 minutes, as well as pulling in 5.7 rebounds and recording 4.0 assists during his career. Herro has started in 71 games, and in those contests he is averaging 17.3 PPG and has accumulated 3,692 points in total. Tyler Herro has taken part in 213 games so far in his pro basketball career and amassed 6,614 minutes in those contests.

In reference to sharing the basketball, Oladipo has accumulated 1,914 assists, in addition to putting up 786 steals and 224 blocks. He holds an average of 3.3 boards and 3.8 dimes per outing. He has 2,197 rebounds in total thus far in his career by grabbing 1,912 defensive and 285 of the offensive variety. Being the owner of an effective FG percentage of 49.3%, he has also recorded 1,223 turnovers and committed 1,164 infractions. Oladipo has compiled a 78.9% average at the free throw line by making 1,437 of his 1,821 attempts. He has earned a 48.1% two-point shooting percentage of by knocking down 2,278 of his 4,736 shot attempts. Having racked up 2,253 attempts from downtown so far in his career, he has a shooting percentage of 34.6% by converting 779 of those tries. Taking the court with a shooting percentage of 43.7%, Oladipo has made 3,057 baskets of 6,989 attempts. He earns 4.4 dimes, pulls in 5.0 boards and scores 19.0 per 36 mins. Oladipo has 8,330 points thus far in his career, is averaging 17.1 points per outing and got the starting nod in 396 games. Victor Oladipo has racked up 15,820 minutes and has played in 486 games thus far in his career.

Tyler Herro vs Victor Oladipo Stats

Tyler HerroCareerVictor Oladipo
213Games Played486
71Games Started396
6,614Minutes Played15,820
1,355Field Goals Made3,057
3,084Field Goals Attempted6,989
43.9%Field Goal Percentage43.7%
5113-Pointers Made779
1,3443-Pointers Attempted2,253
38.0%3-Point Percentage34.6%
8442-Pointers Made2,278
1,7402-Pointers Attempted4,736
48.5%2-Point Percentage48.1%
471Free Throws Made1,437
545Free Throws Attempted1,821
86.4%Free Throw Percentage78.9%
91Offensive Rebounds285
951Defensive Rebounds1,912
1,042Total Rebounds2,197
306Personal Fouls1,164
3,692Points Scored8,330
17.3Points Per Game17.1
31.1Minutes Per Game32.6
3.5Assists Per Game3.9
4.9Rebounds Per Game4.5
20.1Points Per 36 Minutes19.0
5.7Rebounds Per 36 Minutes5.0
4.0Assists Per 36 Minutes4.4

Tyler Herro has been named a starter in 38 matchups and has played a total of 1,320 minutes. He has tallied 767 points and is averaging 20.2 points per game in 38 contests played. In regard to stats per 36, Herro sports an average of 20.9 points, 6.0 boards and also 4.6 dimes. Herro comes into this game with a field goal percentage of 43.8% by making 277 out of 632 attempts. From 3-point range, Herro has made 113 out of 310 triples which has him at a 3pt percentage of 36.5%. He has made 164 out of his 322 shots from 2pt land, giving him a 2pt percentage of 50.9%. When it comes to taking shots from the charity stripe, Herro has earned a shooting percentage of 91.7% by making 100 of his 109 tries. Tyler Herro is sitting with an eFG% of 52.8% this season, has lost the ball 95 times and has accumulated 64 fouls. Herro has compiled 221 rebounds on the season with 18 of the offensive sort and 203 on the defensive end. over the course of the season, Herro has a total of 167 assists, 36 steals and 11 rejections. Herro has an average of 5.8 boards and notching 4.4 dimes per outing.

Victor Oladipo has been on the floor for a total of 679 minutes this season and started 1 matchups. Out of 24 played contests, he has compiled 276 pts and has an average of 11.5 PTS/G. Oladipo averages 14.6 pts, 4.2 boards and 4.8 dimes per 36 mins. Oladipo has made 99 baskets out of his 240 tries which has him sitting at a 41.3% shooting percentage. In relation to 3pt shooting, Oladipo is averaging 30.2% by way of burying 35 baskets of his 116 tries. His two-point percentage is currently 51.6% by making 64 out of 124 shot attempts. Out of his 57 charity stripe shots, Oladipo has made 43 which gives him a clip of 75.4%. Victor Oladipo is sitting with 61 fouls this year, in addition to giving up the ball 44 times and earning a 48.5% effective field goal rate. When discussing pulling down boards, Oladipo has totaled 12 of the offensive sort and 68 on the defensive side of the court which puts him at 80 rebounds. Oladipo has accumulated 6 blocks, in addition to 90 assists and 38 steals. Oladipo holds an average of 3.8 dimes as well as 3.3 rebounds per game.

Tyler Herro – 2022-23Most Recent SeasonVictor Oladipo – 2022-23
38Games Played24
38Games Started1
1,320Minutes Played679
277Field Goals Made99
632Field Goals Attempted240
43.8%Field Goal Percentage41.3%
1133-Pointers Made35
3103-Pointers Attempted116
36.5%3-Point Percentage30.2%
1642-Pointers Made64
3222-Pointers Attempted124
50.9%2-Point Percentage51.6%
100Free Throws Made43
109Free Throws Attempted57
91.7%Free Throw Percentage75.4%
18Offensive Rebounds12
203Defensive Rebounds68
221Total Rebounds80
64Personal Fouls61
767Points Scored276
20.2Points Per Game11.5
34.7Minutes Per Game28.3
4.4Assists Per Game3.8
5.8Rebounds Per Game3.3
20.9Points Per 36 Minutes14.6
6.0Rebounds Per 36 Minutes4.2
4.6Assists Per 36 Minutes4.8