Waist Packs

Waist packs, also known as ‘fanny packs’ are a great piece of equipment to take with you for a light hike, jog, walk, or just a small adventure. Unlike backpacks, waist packs are extremely lightweight and can carry most of your key essential items within them instead of toting around a large backpack. Depending on how long of an adventure you plan on going on, you will want to get a waist pack that accommodates all of your needs.

A couple of qualities you may want to look for in a waist pack is comfortability, storage space, compartments, and durability. Down below will be different waist packs from different companies that all exceed the average minimum for waist packs. These are some of the highest rated and affordable waist packs to date. Choosing the correct waist pack for you is very necessary because even on those short hikes or walks, you too can be in danger of the outside environments.

Sport2People Waist Bag for Running Waterproof Waist Pack

The Sports2People Waist Bag for Running Waterproof Waist Pack is a product that is brought to you by the company Sports2People. This waist pack is specially designed for those of you who go on serious runs and jogs. One of the worst things you can do when you are in your running zone is to take a break just to pull something out of your book bag. With this waist pack, that will be a thing of the past. There are many unique features about this waist pack that makes it stand out from all the rest of its competition. It is also very sleek and fits nicely against your hip so you will not have to worry about bumping your legs up against a bulk bulge protruding from your waist.


– Perfectly sized phone compartment for you to run comfortably with, without worrying about scratching your screen
– Wallet sized compartment that safely secures your wallet from spilling all over
– Adjustable waist band to fit to your body type
– Waterproof pouches so running in the rain is no problem
– Fit protein bars and other small items inside


The WATERFLY Fanny Pack is a waist pack that is very versatile and is great to take with you on any hike or jog. This waist pack has two pockets for you to insert up to two water bottles, it also has a large pocket in front where you can fit just about anything you would need to take with you on your runs, jogs, bicycle rides, and hikes. Made with a tough and durable material, this waist pack will last you years and years to come without ripping or tearing. The waist pack is also easy to wash just by throwing it in your washing machine. An adjustable strap around the waist makes it perfect for anyone of any body type.


– Made from 100 percent nylon, strong and durable will not rip or tear easy
– Made for vigorous activities such as running, jogging, bicycling, rock climbing, and hiking
– Mobile cell phone pocket
– Hand carry design, doubles as a small duffle bag

Muzee Canvas Waist Pack Running Sling Backpack

The Muzee Canvas Waist Pack Running Sling Backpack is unlike any other waist pack out on the market right now. It is very unique in the sense that it doubles as both a waist pack, and a full crossbody bag. This allows the user to switch positions of where the actual pack itself is situated on the body. Sometimes you may find yourself in situations where having the waist pack on your waist is holding you back in one way or the other, simply switching and adjusting the strap on the pack to your shoulder solves many of these problems. This particular pack is one of the highest rated amongst its competitors and even looks great.


– Made with 100 percent cotton and 5 percent leather
– Shoulder strap is attached to switch positions between shoulder and waist
– Three large pockets, cell phone pocket, a wallet pocket, and a pocket to hold the rest of your items
– Canvas design comes in many different colors

EOTW Fanny Pack Waist Bag

The EOTW Fanny Pack Waist Bag is a product that is brought to you by the company EOTW. This particular fanny pack is one that not only acts as a waist pack but also as a shoulder bag. There is a pocket designed for you to hold your cell phone with other separate pockets to hold whatever else you may need. This is a great waist pack if you go on long runs and hikes. Made with high quality material, this pack is one that will last you for years. An adjustable long strap makes carrying the pack in multiple positions for your comfort.


– Adjustable stretchy belt to fit any body type
– Large pocket able to hold cell phone and wallet
– Pockets sealed with zippers so none of your valuables will be lost
– Hands free and easy to use

Genius Earth Travel/Hiking Fanny Pack

The Genius Earth Travel/Hiking Fanny Pack is a product brought to you by the company Genius Earth. This is one of Genius Earth’s best waist pack products and like many of Genius Earth’s products, this one will be sure not to disappoint. This waist pack is perfect in many ways, it can be used every day for whatever you need it for and it is made with a durable material to last you quite a long time. Including 2 water bottle pockets and a large pouch, this waist pack will be able to fit everything you will need for you long hike or run/jog. It is also a great pack to put things in for your dog when going out for a walk.


– 2 water bottle pouches for you to stay hydrated on long walks, also includes 2 water bottles with purchase
– Water resistant and rip stop material, this pack is strong and durable
– Adjustable waist belt to fit nearly anyone
– Doubles as a duffle bag with a handle on the top
– Money back or replacement guarantee, Genius Earth stands behind this product so much they will refund you if you are not satisfied