Water Ski Bindings

Water ski bindings are the pieces of equipment that look like boots that you would wear on your feet that connect you to the water skis. They are very important in terms of what you need to water ski and so important that they can cost hundreds of dollars. In fact, the bindings can end up costing more than the skis themselves so, that should give you some sort of idea of the importance.

The function of the bindings are to connect your feet to the skis, but they are also the piece of equipment that provides lateral support to prevent injury. Because your feet will stay in place, they will be safer and you won’t move around as much. Many of them are built to disengage when you fall; and you will. Most of the bindings you’ll see are made of neoprene or rubber with straps and a piece that reinforces the binding by going across the heel. This makes the bindings fit like a shoe.

When you’re trying to pick your next set of bindings, you need to find a balance of functionality and affordability. You will probably want something that will be easy to get in and out of. You will also want to look for something that has adjustable bindings and a rear toe plate if you are going to be sharing them with family and friends. However, if you’re going to be the only person using the bindings you may want to look for some double wrap bindings.

Because there are so many options, we’ve created this list of some of the best rated bindings of 2019. We hope you enjoy the list.

CWB Connelly Toe Strap

The CWB Connelly Toe Strap is a binding that you’re going to love and it’ll only cost you around $50. The swerve binding will take you into the future with the comfort and convenience that you will receive from these bindings. The lycra lined floating toe rubber and EVA heel are very soft and can be adjusted to fit various foot sizes. These bindings are great for sharing with family and friends because of how adjustable they are. Just loosen up the laces and the bindings will open wide which makes them easy to get on and off. Pull the lace tight and engage the wheel lock and you’ll be ready to roll.


– These bindings are affordable, functional and simple
– Ankle support with EVA heel cup
– One size fits most with lace up style
– Bindings fit foot sizes from 5 to 13
– Bare bones fun straps

O’Brien X9 Slalom Binding

The O’Brien X9 Slalom Binding is adjustable and a great fit for most. If you are looking for a binding that everyone in the family can enjoy, you’ve found the right one. Not only are going getting a great binding for everyone but you are getting one that offers top performance. The X9 offers skiers a lightweight plate/chassis combination that will put your foot as close to the ski as you can get. The lower is up against the bindings giving it great flexibility and an easier release. The front lace system makes this binding easy to tighten up and very easy to get into. You can count on this affordable binding to give you great performance without costing you a lot of money.


– Bindings weight 4.41 lbs each
– Lightweight chassis and plate combination
– Easy tightening and getting in a and out with front lace system

NOVA Water Ski Binding

The Nova Water Ski Binding is a quality binding for a little more money but the performance of this product makes it worth the cost. This product is extremely comfortable as well as being really easy to get on and off. This product has been redesigned to offer a better fit and more comfort than ever before. The toe and heel wrap are lined with lycra and are molded to fit nice and snug without creating pressure points. You can loosen up the lace to open the boot very wide for easy on an off application. The floating toe will allow small and large foot sizes to work. In addition, you will get a responsive bond between your skis and yourself with the soft EVA footbed that is set in the upper light plate design.


– Get extra stretch with elastic laces
– Easy on and off application
– Adjustable lace up boots
– Comfortable EVA and lycra parts
– Boot sidewalls for eversion/inversion support

Connelly Waterski Shadow Front Binding

The Connelly Waterski Shadow Front Binding is a great product used by new skiers to 50 veterans. If you are a professional, you may not want a product like this but if you want a boot that is capable of being used by the pros, grab this binding. This product will fit multiple sizes of feet while being a little more forgiving than some bindings. This binding is one of the best pro style boot design that we’ve seen for the year and it is a great product. This is definitely an upgrade over the original boot.


– Molded toe rubbers and heel wraps for great comfort and fit
– Supportive outer boot set on Connelly’s new plate design
– Independent dual lace zones
– Toe rubber designed with a stretchy segment to fit all foot sizes

HO Sports Animal Waterski Boot

The HO Sports Animal Water Ski Boot is one of the best-selling boots of all tie. When it comes to feel and performance, you’re not going to find a binding/boot much better than this. The Animal Boot has consistently been the top choice for skiers of all levels and styles. Simple entry with the single lace rear entry and it is also easy to take off with the boot releases. This boot sits on top an anatomically fit footbed that utilizes high density EVA toe and heel pieces for one of the most comfortable boots you’ll every experience.


– Design is high performance and one of the most popular of all time
– Classic overlay construction for a traditional water ski boot function and fit
– EVA tongue and heel are heat moldable for great lateral comfort and control
– Long lasting design