Water Ski Flags

Last Updated on December 14, 2022

An operator of a boat, outside of a personal water craft, must have a skier down flag whenever a person is being towed in the water. Not only is this the law in most states, but it is extremely important for the safety of both the skier and the boating operator. This flag is to be at least be 12 inches x 12 inches, rectangular red or orange, and must be on display when the skier is in the water both after and before being towed. It needs to be displayed while the boat is moving and towing but it should be displayed again when the person get in the water.

After thinking about this, you might think that finding a flag is really easy but there are some options out there for you. Before you go shopping on your own, check out our list of some of the best water ski flags on the market for now and 2019. We will offer some descriptions and a list of features that make these flag some of the highest rated out there today. We hope this list helps make your purchasing decision a little bit easier.

Invincible Marine Orange Water Ski Flag

The Invincible Marine Orange Water Ski Flag check in at first on our list at just under $10 for the flag. This flag is high visibility and meets all state and most of the local requirements. This flag is especially designed for superior optics and is bright hunter orange. The flag has a PVC plastic shaft and is 24 inches long. This flag is 12 x 12 an is made of vinyl sheeting with a logo that is silk-screened. Reliability and precision are the notable characteristics of this product that have proven over and over again. This is an affordable and solid option for you and your family.


– Built using high quality components
– Quality and performance tested
– This brand is a very trusted name in water sports
– Highly visible orange water ski flag
– PVC plastic shaft
– 12 x 12 flag
– 1 year warranty

Hardcore Water Sports Orange Water Ski Flag

The Hardcore Water Sports Orange Water Ski Flag is a great product from a great manufacturer. This flag is made in the United States, it is big and wide and has a really nice cover as a bonus. The material of the flag is a nice weight which means that it should hold up for a few seasons. For just around $15, you can get your hands on this and you’ll notice the quality. The build of the wooden pole is stapled and glued. Some have said the glue came apart on them but the staples held the flag in place. That being said, this is a quality flag and it works great.


– Pole measures 24 inches and flag is 12 x 18
– Conforms to the laws in AZ, CA, CO, ID, MO, NE, NM, OR, TX, UT & WA
– Get a free storage sheath with this flag
– Made of 600 denier waterproof polyester material
– High visibility with neon orange

Airhead F-48 Deluxe Water Ski Flag with Aluminum Pole

The Airhead F-48 Deluxe Water Ski Flag with Aluminum Pole that measures 48-Inches is a great flag that meets the laws that are required in AZ, CA, CO, ID, MO, NE, NM, OR, TX, UT and WA. Airhead’s new deluxe water sports flag is a great option for anyone looking for a great water sports flag at an affordable price. The black shaft is made from a sturdy anodized aluminum and this flag has an EVA foam grip that makes sure to have a secure and comfortable hold. You will get no sun fade on this flag with the oversized 420 denier nylon flag. In addition, this flag was designed to be a perfect fit inside the Wakeboard Tower and Bimini Top Flag Holders that is made by Airhead.


– This flag floats
– Made to fit in Airhead’s bi-mini top flag holder and the new wakeboard tower
– Conforms to many of the state laws
– Secure and comfortable hold with the EVA foam grip
– This if four foot long

Kwik Tek F-48NJ Deluxe Water Ski Flag with Aluminum Pole NJ Only

The Kwik Tek F-48NJ Deluxe Water Ski Flag with Aluminum Pole is made specifically for New Jersey but if you do live in that state, this flag is going to work great for you. It comes in at just $20 and is a triangular orange flag. This flag is great and comes with a base that will zip tie to an awning pole in under a minute. The pole is light and the flag is made of a durable 420 denier nylon material. You will see foam wrapped around the pole to ensure a secure and comfortable hold. For its intended purposes and the price you are going to pick it up for, you can’t go wrong here.


– Floating flag
– Fits great with Airhead’s new bi-mini top flag holders and the wakeboard tower
– Conforms to the water sports laws in New Jersey
– EVA foam grip around the pole

Flag Buddy Skier Down Flag Holder. Flag Included

The Flag Buddy Skier Down Flag Holder comes with the a flag as well. Now you don’t have to hold the skier down flag anymore because with the Flag Buddy, you can just clamp it to your boat and then rotate it up and down as you need to. With this flag, you can get back to doing what you went out on the water to do instead of being concerned about holding the flag. This flag is simple and works as it says it does. There is no drilling required and installation is a breeze. Just connect the clamps and you’re ready to go.


– Mounting clamp makes it easy to connect to many surfaces on the boat with no tools
– Flag rotates 360 degrees
– Meets all safety requirements
– This is quality and made in the USA
– Pole includes 12 x 12 floating orange flag