Water Ski Trainers

If you are looking to learn how to water ski, you are already part of the way there in terms of truly enjoying your summers on the lake. However, you’re not just going to jump in the water and get up on those skis on your first try. Unless you’re a naturally gifted athlete, most of us need a little practice when learning how to ski. This goes for adults and children. There are different methods of learning to water ski but the water ski trainer is one of the best options out there.

With water ski trainers, there are different options out there in terms of ways to learn. You’ve got combo skis, trainer platforms and trainer skis to names a few. All of these methods work great but some might be better for you than it would be for someone else. That being said, there are a lot of options out there for water ski trainers.

In this post we wanted to share some of the best water ski trainers of 2019 and talk about why they are so highly rated by the masses. Through the description and list of features of the products we are going to talk about, we hope your buying decision will be a little easier. Please enjoy our list of the best water ski trainers of the year.

RAVE Sports Rave Aqua Buddy Ski and Wakeboard Trainer

The RAVE Sports Rave Aqua Buddy Ski and Wakeboard Trainer is a great way to let newcomers see what it feels like being pulled by boat. This inflatable trainer is built with sturdy 28 gauge PVC and it has a three chamber design. The people trying it out just sit on the middle of the trainer and learn as they go based on their comfort level. This trainer has a maximum weight allowance of 250 pounds. This product is great for people of all ages and by the time you’re done with it, you’ll be on the lake skiing and enjoying your weekend.


– Great trainer for skiing and wake boarding
– Get comfortable with the feel of being pulled sitting on middle section
– Great for adults and kids alike
– Inflation is very simple and easy
– Made specifically for newcomers to skiing and wake boarding

Hydroslide Kid’s Trainer Water Skis

The Hydroslide Kid’s Trainer Water Skis are perfect for the young water sports enthusiast and the future skiing champions. These water ski trainers were created specifically for younger skiers. They are easy to learn on and ride which means your child will be up and running before you know it. The reasons these trainer skis work so well is because the kids will actually be standing on skis. The only difference is that these are connected together so your child will understand the placement of the skis. Don’t wait any longer before you buy these affordable water ski trainers.


– Adjustable water ski trainers for kids
– Skis are connected together so kids know the right placement
– Bindings slide adjust for easy changes
– Get a free training tow rope included with purchase

O’Brien Simple Trainer Kids Waterski

The O’Brien Simple Trainer for kids to learn how to water ski comes in at just under $120. This product is far less intimidating to kids that are learning to ski when compared to more traditional trainers. This trainer is cushy, soft and just a friendly way to learn how to water ski. In addition, the back of the seat is inflated which gives your kids a great place to post up. The inflated floor absorbs the bumps of the water while your kids put their feet in the inflated stirrups. With any movement at all, this trainer will plane off and you can only go 8 mph as this is the max.


– Combo trainer that is inflatable
– EVA handle with trainer rope
– Trainer is compact and is easy to store
– Weight capacity goes up to 85 lbs
– Cool logo and designs will make it so your child never wants to stop training

Airhead EZ Ski Trainer 100

The EZ ski by Airhead is one of the top water ski trainers of 2019 and for good reason. For just around $130 dollars, you can purchase this water ski trainer that will have your child learning in no time at all. This trainer was built to instill confidence in your child. The goal is to take the frustration and fears out of teaching young beginner skiers and replacing those ideas with fun and safety. Your child will love this trainer right when they get on it. No more worrying about skimmers, ropes, boat wakes and bindings. Just jump right in and get learning on the Airhead EZ Ski Trainer 100.


– EZ Ski Trainer reminds kids that learning how to do something new can be fun
– Fits one rider at a time
– Weight capacity is 70 lbs
– Inflatable water ski hybrid with integrated wooden ski bindings and trainers
– Built for stability while towing
– Inflated seats for the newest riders

O’Brien Children All-Star Trainers Kids Combo Water Skis

The O’Brien Children All Star Trainers are great for kids that are new to water skiing. These are combo water skis that allow you to learn and take the “training wheels” off when the kids are ready to take it to the next level. These trainers are built with dual fins that are molded into the skis while also getting smooth riding and maximum stability through the dial tunnel. You can scratch off the accessory shopping list because the All Star trainers come with a handle and trainer rope. Small adults can use this as well but the weight capacity is 85 lbs.


– Easy learning with a stabilizer bar
– Trainer rope and handle come free with package
– Weight capacity for the trainer skis is 85 lbs
– Fit various sizes of fee with the adjustable bindings