Aaron Jones vs Rachaad White Stats

Aaron Jones has accumulated 5,940 yds on the ground in 97 games played in his career. His average yds per carry is at 5.0 and he has toted the ball 1,177 total times. He’s rushed for 45 TD’s with the longest carry being for 77 yds. Jones averages 61.2 yards on the ground per game in his career.

In his NFL career, White stepped onto the field in 34 contests and gained 1,471 yards on the ground. He was handed the ball 401 different times to the tune of 3.7 YPC. He gained 43.3 yards per contest and crossed the goal line 7 times as a runner. White fumbled the ball 6 different times in his career and his longest rush was 35 yds.

Aaron Jones vs Rachaad White Stats

Aaron Jones Career Rachaad White
97 Games Played 34
1,177 Rushing Attempts 401
5,940 Rushing Yards 1,471
45 Rushing TD 7
298 1st Downs by Rushing 73
77 Longest Run 35
5.0 Yards Per Carry 3.7
61.2 Rushing Yards Per Game 43.3
15 Fumbles 6

Jones has run for 656 yards on the ground in 11 games played this year. His average yds per carry is currently at 4.6 and he has carried it 142 different times this season. He has rushed for 2 TDs this year with a long carry of 39 yards. He is rushing for 59.6 yards on the ground per game.

White carried the ball 272 times for an average of 3.6 yards per carry. During his 17 games in his last season, Rachaad White gained 58.2 yards per game and got into the endzone 6 times as a runner. He had a long run of 38 yards.

Aaron Jones (2023) Most Recent Season Rachaad White (2023)
11 Games Played 17
142 Rushing Attempts 272
656 Rushing Yards 990
2 Rushing TD 6
34 1st Downs by Rushing 46
39 Longest Run 38
4.6 Yards Per Carry 3.6
59.6 Rushing Yards Per Game 58.2
2 Fumbles 3