Athletic Tape

Athletic taping is when you apply tape on the skin in order to stabilize a joint, muscles or the position of bones while you compete or train athletically. There are different ways to tape and people have gotten very good at it. You can find a YouTube video on any taping method. That being said, it is very important to use athletic tape if you have injuries and you are trying to prevent them. This is especially true for many athletes who train hard and are rough on their joints. Athletic tape is used to heal, prevent injury or to prevent anything from getting worse. Essentially, you are creating a small cast where things can heal.

Even though you may think that buying some athletic tape is easy, there are plenty of options out there. Some deals are better than other and some tape is made better than others. This is why we wanted to create a list for the consumer that list some of the best rated athletic tape on the market for the year. You can’t go wrong with any of this tape. Please enjoy this list of the best athletic tape of the year.

Hampton Adams White Athletic Sports Tape

Hampton Adams athletic tape will guard your joints from sprains and injury and offer support if you get an injury by holding preventing further injury. This allows the area to rest and avoid worse injuries. You can also use this tape on many different things including bar bells, hockey sticks and baseball bats to name a few. This tape is comfortable and soft and won’t leave a bunch of residue behind after you’ve been wearing it for a while. This tape is strong and reliable so you won’t have to worry about it breaking or falling off while you’re weightlifting or training.


– No glue on the skin because this tape was made with a special formula that makes sure you can put it on and take it off with ease
– Easily able to tear this tape with your fingers which means there is no need for scissors
– Very stick and able to stay on through tough workouts

MTape Athletic Tape – White

Mueller M tape in white can come on its own but in this case, you are getting 12 rolls for just under $30. This tape has a backcloth that is made of all cotton and zinc oxide trainers’ tape. This white tape offers excellent comfortability and tackiness while give you high tensile strength. Each roll that you get in this back gives you tape that is 1.5 inches wide and each roll is 15 yards long. This athletic tape will help you to prevent injuries and offer additional support for your ringers, wrists, ankles and knees in addition to other joints.


– In this pack you are getting 12 rolls of white tape that are 1.5 inches wide and 15 yards long
– This athletic tape is made of zinc oxide
– High tensile strength and 100% cotton backcloth
– Great tackiness while still be easy enough to handle and unwind
– Made in the United States

HealthStar White Athletic Tape

The HealthStar White Athletic Tape 1.5 In X 8 YD for Muscle Support, Joint Protection & Compression Therapy comes in a six pack and will be there anytime you aren’t feeling sure about your joints or a possible injury. If you are tired of athletic tape that pulls and pinches, the athletic tape by HealthStar is the answer for you. This tape is 100% free of latex, easy to remove and even easier to put on. You can use this tape to treat muscle soreness, use it to prevent blistering, improve your grip and use it to protect your joints for top performance.


– This tape is sturdy and strong with its high pliability and strength
– Preferred choice of professional athletes and the people that train them
– Sticks and stretches – This tape offers great tackiness and it stretches and conforms to the parts of the body you are using it on
– Friendly for those with allergies – tape contains absolutely no latex

Mueller Athletic Tape, 1.5″ X 15yds White, 4 pack

This four pack of Mueller tape is some of our favorite tape on the market for an affordable price. This tape is tried and true and will do the job for you and keep those joints together. We’ve tried a lot of tape in our time testing it through sports and training and we keep coming back to Mueller. One of the nice features of this tape is that when you remove it, there isn’t a whole lot of residue left to scrape off. While many other brands put any chemical on their tape to make it stick, Mueller’s tape does a great job of staying on the skin while not leaving all the crap behind.


– Zinc oxide athlete training tape
– Bleached back cloth made of 100% cotton
– Easy to unwind and great tackiness
– Tape has high tensile strength
– Comes with four rolls of 1.5 inch x 12 yards

Cramer 950 Premium White Athletic Tape

The Cramer 950 Premium White Athletic Tape is great for injury taping, wrists, ankles, to help promote faster healing, to protect and make you feel safer. Cramer’s wrapping and taping line of products are specially designed for trainers for athletes. People in the know rely on Cramer’s products because they know they stand for efficacy and excellence. They are cornerstone sponsor and original supporter of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association. This goes to show you the kind of influence and reputation they have in the athletic training world. Cramer can give you everything you need in terms of wrapping and taping supplies so the athletic trainer doesn’t have to worry about a thing.


– Cramer 950 Premium White Athletic Tape measures in at multiple sizes for any joint
– Supports muscles and joints in the elbows, knees, fingers, wrists, ankles and minimizes hyperflexion, instability and hyperextension during training
– Tape was designed with the athlete in mind with ideal adhesive, easy tear, consistent unwinding and a great price