Baby Carrier Packs

If you are planning a family camping trip and want to see the sites all while making it a little easier to carry your newborn baby around, you will absolutely need a baby carrier pack. Safety is of course always the number one factor when it comes to traveling or going on a camping/hiking trip. If you have a young child who is not yet able to walk for long periods of time, a better option than a stroller is to tote your baby around with you using a carrier pack. These packs are specially designed for those family vacations and to ensure a stress free time.

Nothing is worse than having to carry diaper bags along with everything else your baby will need, with these carrier packs, everything is conveniently stored right next to the baby and directly on you. When looking for such a product, there will be certain qualities you may want to look for to get the perfect baby carrier pack possible. Down below are some of the best baby carrier packs out on the market from different companies, each one with its own unique set of features.

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One

The BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One is the first of its series and is one of the highest rated baby carrier packs out there today. This product is brought to you by the company BabyBjorn, and like many of BabyBjorn’s products, this one is sure not to disappoint. Coming in a stylish pinstripe/gray, this carrier pack is as fashionable as it is useful. Being a brand new and top of the line product from BabyBjorn, this particular baby carrier is at a reasonable price of only 130 US dollars.


– Holds a newborn baby and a child up to three years of age
– Multiple carrying positions including a front or back option for easy carrying
– Extra padded shoulder straps for comfortability and longer travels
– Waist belt for more support as well as keeping the carrier close to you

Clevr Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Carrier

The Clevr Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Carrier is a top of the line product brought to you by the company Clevr. This backpack is made specially for those who want to take their newborn children on a hiking and camping trip. Equipped with absolutely everything you could possibly need when it comes to a baby carrier, this carrier has many features that make it so great. A sun and shade visor is even built in to the carrier itself so that the sun is not burning your child’s face or blinding the eyes. This lightweight and impressive baby carrier is well worth the price. This is a great buy and you will be happy with your purchase.


– Lightweight, strong aluminum frame
– Padded arm and hip straps to keep the pack comfortable on you while hiking
– Holds children up to 33 pounds, for children 6 months to 4 years old
– Pocket to hold all your babies items, such as diapers, toys, and snacks
– Two water bottle pockets on each side of the carrier

Deuter Kid Comfort 1

The Deuter Kid Comfort 1 is a product brought to you by the company Deuter. This baby carrier pack is one of the best in the market. Designed with comfort in mind, this carrier pack has everything you could possibly need for taking your child on a hiking or camping trip. The Deuter company stands behind its product and is guaranteed to last you for years and years to come. This carrier is incredibly durable and comfortable for both you and your child. Safety is the first thing to have in mind when it comes to carrying your child, with the Deuter Kid Comfort 1, you will have a safe and secure place to carry your baby all while staying close to your body.


– Padded mesh back for breathable and comfortable hikes
– Precision load control
– Adjustable color coded straps to fit your child’s body
– Holds a maximum weight of up to 50 pounds
– Made with micro-rip nylon to ensure there will be no rips or tears

Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier

The Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier is a product brought to you by the company Luvdbaby. Like many of Luvdbaby’s products, this carrier pack is specially designed for the safety and comfort of you and your child. Considered to be one of the best out on the market, this baby carrier pack is great for those hiking and camping trips with your little ones. Nothing is more important than the safety of your child, this is why when going on a camping trip, you want the best quality products. The Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier is perfect for you if you child weighs just under 50 pounds.


– Diaper changing pad is located on the back and is easily unfolded to rest your baby on while changing a diaper
– Height adjustable back is designed for hours of comfortable hiking
– Insulated pockets for your baby’s bottles are built into this pack
– Made with waterproof material, this pack is extremely durable and water will stand no chance against it
– Strong lightweight aluminum kickstand also helps balance the bag when you set it down, also acts as a seat for your child

Hiking Child Carrier Backpack with Ergonomic External Frame

The Hiking Child Carrier Backpack with Ergonomic External Frame is a product that is brought to you by the company Be Mindful. This carrier backpack is designed to stand the test of time, made with strong and durable nylon that will not rip easy. This pack can hold children up to 4 years old with a maximum weight of 50 pounds. Not only does this pack have a lightweight aluminum frame, it includes an aluminum kickstand so you can take the pack off to set on the ground without it tilting over with your baby in it. A four point adjustable strap system is built into this pack for reassurance of your child’s safety.


– This pack doubles as a duffle bag that can easily be carried around with you on your personal travels
– Hydration pouch is located on pack
– Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase
– Weighs only 6 pounds when empty