Backpacking Packs

Last Updated on December 14, 2022

The most useful item you can take with you on any form of hike or camping trip is a backpack. Backpack packs are an absolute necessity to hold all of your equipment and other things you may need for your journey. Purchasing a brand new backpack can be difficult if you are not sure what you are looking for. Like many products, the more expensive the item is the higher quality the product tends to be.

Certain qualities you should look for in a backpack is durability, its size, and any special features it may have that separates it from other backpacks. Keep in mind when you are browsing for backpacks to get those that are specially made for hiking and camping. Backpacks such as those used for school for carrying books are not going to cut it when it comes to the rough terrain of the wild. Down below are different backpacking packs from different companies, their quality and whatever additional abilities they may have.

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

The Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack is a product that is brought to you by the company Teton Sports. Rated as one of the highest ranking backpacking packs, the Teton Sports Scout has many special features to accommodate your needs. This particular backpack runs for around 100-270 US dollars.


– Compartments – The compartments in which you can store your items are limitless with this backpack. There is even a pocket on the bag specifically designed to fit your sleeping bag nice and snug.

– Comfort – Adjusting so that the backpack fits just right against your body is no problem with this backpack. Adjustable shoulder straps as well as hip straps make the backpack easy to carry with you. The memory foam lining the back of the backpack makes even the heaviest items feel light.

– Lightweight – The fabric is very durable as well as lightweight. Weighing at only around 5 pounds when it is empty, it is unbelievable how much weight this backpack can carry with it.

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander

The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander is a product brought to you by the company ALPS OutdoorZ. This durable and versatile backpack is great for those who are going on a quick hike or camping/hunting trip. It is a good backpack for those who are just starting their journey into the camping and hiking world as well as those who are seasoned hikers. This pack is especially well liked by those who hunt while on their trips. This pack usually ranges in price from 125-150 US dollars.


– Rifle Holder – This backpack is unlike most of the hiking and camping packs. This particular pack is perfect for those of you who are hunters and go out to the hunting camp. On the side of the bag is a special side holster that is perfect for carrying a hunting rifle.

– Durable – If you are taking a backpack with you hunting or to camp, you will want something that you can trust will not rip and tear. This backpack will withstand even the harshest of environments and terrain. Made with nylon ripstop material.

– Lightweight – Lightweight, durable, and versatile. This pack only weighs around 7 pounds when empty, that is pretty light for all of the items that it can pack, especially with a built in frame.

High Sierra Appalachian 75 Backpacking Pack

The High Sierra Appalachian 75 Backpacking Pack is a backpack that is designed and made by the company High Sierra. As many of High Sierra’s products, this backpack is guaranteed to be what you are looking for. This backpack is both roomy and comfortable with room to adjust the straps to your liking. Both affordable and well worth the money, the price range on the High Sierra Appalachian 75 Backpacking Pack runs for 115-130 US dollars.


– 75 Liters – The best feature of this backpack is the fact that it holds so many items. The 75 in the name stands for the 75 liters that you will be able to carry right on your back.

– Drawstring – At the top compartment of this backpack is the main storage area. Not only is this section include two zippers to use, it has a drawstring cord on the inside that will make sure your items are safe and secure.

– Airflow – The shoulder straps and back are lined with memory foam that is very comfortable. As if the foam was not enough, the material is breathable so there is enough airflow that goes through, which allows for a cool day.

The Mardingtop Internal Frame Military Backpack

The Mardingtop Internal Frame Military Backpack is a pack that is brought to you by the company Mardingtop. This Mardingtop backpack is made with military grade material and is useful as it is durable. Able to hold up to 75 liters, this pack has a couple different compartments as well as detachable side pockets that can lighten the pack. This is one of the highest rated backpacks out there and is specially designed for long hikes and camping trips. At the affordable price of only 100-120 US dollars, this backpack could be the best purchase you make for your next camping adventure.


– Water Resistant – One of the best features about this pack is that it is coated with waterproof material. Not only will this keep everything in your backpack secure from the rain, it can take on heavy water loads in case it gets dropped in a river.

– Side Pockets – This backpack has pockets on each side of it that are detachable. If you are having trouble with the wideness of the pack, simply take off the side pockets, it also reduces the weight of the pack if you are not using them.

– Waist Belt – The waist belt is able to wrap around a 49 inch waist and can be adjusted to size. The waist belt is also cushioned and rests nicely against the body. You can even take the waist belt off if you feel it is getting in your way or of no use. It is perfect for protecting your back and hips from long hikes.

– Warranty – Another great feature about this backpack is that the Mardingtop company will refund you your money within 90 days if you are either unsatisfied with your purchase or something happens to it. Chances are you will not need to return the product however, for Mardingtop has great and durable military grade products.