Base Layers

Last Updated on February 23, 2024

Regardless of whether you want to stay warm and protected in the snow, underwater, or even on your motorcycle, you will want to find high quality base layers to wear. Base layers do the most work of keeping you warm, so you do not want to just buy the first ones that you see. On this page we are going to go over the types of base layers you should be looking for and then we’ll share some of our favorites.

Easily the most important thing to look for from base layers is the quality of the materials as you want them to do the job of keeping you comfortable while also being very durable. You also want to choose the correct thickness for your needs, which means that you need to know which thickness you need. Finally, you want to get the perfect fit so the material is snug against your skin without being overly tight.

It’s obviously very important that you buy base layers that you can trust to keep you warm and comfortable, so you really don’t want to take any chances when it comes time to buy some. Below you will find some of the top-rated base layers that you can buy right now. Each of the items listed on this page are worn by amateurs and professionals every day, so you can be sure that you will be happy with any of them. Check out this list of some of the best base layers of the season.

HEROBIKER Men Thermal Underwear Set

These base layers from HEROBIKER do just about everything you want your base layers to do. They are warm, comfortable, and they do an excellent job of repelling odors. They were made for outdoor winter activities, such as skiing and climbing, but they are also great for yoga and fitness training. As an added bonus, they were designed to give people a slimmer look from neck to toe.


– Premium soft lining for ultimate comfort
– Moisture wicking fabric and fast drying
– 4 way stretch material gives you full range of motion
– Prevents odors left behind by sweat
– Designed specifically to keep you warm during the coldest months
– 4 different sizes to choose from

ColdPruf Men’s Basic Dual Layer Bottom

These bottom base layers from ColdPruf are made of a very high quality polyester material that does the job of trapping your body heat to keep you warm for extended periods of time. The company went all-out to ensure that people were comfortable in these bottoms by making them tagless and by making a custom waistband that will keep you from getting itchy. These are, simply put, some of the most soft and comfortable base layer bottoms that you can get right now so it’s not surprising that they sell so well.


– Made from a high quality polyester material
– Unique 2 layer design traps body heat to keep you warm
– Front and back rise in pants ensures long-term comfort
– Tagless labeling so you’ll never itch
– Available in 2 different colors (Black and Winter White)
– 11 different sizes to choose from

LAPASA Men’s Thermal Underwear Fleece Long John Set

Comfort and flexibility were the two things LAPASA wanted to give people with this base layer set, and we think they did just that. The unique micro-fleece material that they used does the job of keeping you warm, but it has more flex to it than most other base layers so you get full range of motion in your arms and legs. They were designed to be a snug fit so that they keep you warm, but they aren’t so tight that you feel uncomfortable. Plus, this material is very durable so you don’t have to worry about them breaking down on you.


– Base layers made of a 90 percent polyester, 10 percent spandex mix
– Micro-fleece fabric material used to keep you warm
– Body-hugging design gives you full range of motion
– No bunching thanks to guaranteed snug fit
– Shrinkage resistant
– Available in 10 different colors
– 5 different sizes to choose from

Tesla Blank Women’s Top & Bottom Set

This women’s base layer set from Tesla is as comfortable as it is attractive. It is made of a very soft fabric that also has the company’s four-way stretch technology to give you unhindered movement at all times. The top and bottom do a fantastic job of keeping the warmth on your body while also wicking up any moisture you produce to keep you dry. Considering all of those features, it is pretty surprising that these base layers are priced as low as they are right now.


– Made from a 92 percent microfiber polyester, 8 percent spandex mix
– These base layers give you a great amount of flexibility
– Moisture wicking design ensures you will stay dry
– Unique Heatfit design keeps you warm for longer periods of time
– Available in 10 different colors
– 5 different sizes to choose from

DRSKIN Men’s Thermal Wintergear

It is very easy to see why so many people have bought and loved this base layer long sleeve top from DRSKIN over the years. It’s one of the cheapest options around yet it is known for doing the job of keeping people warm and dry better than most other base layer tops. It uses the company’s unique high-wicking fabric to ensure that any moisture is transferred away from the body while also providing a nice, snug fit at all times. This is also one of just a few base layer tops that can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities, so if you like it you won’t need to buy another one.


– Unique materials used to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer
– Advanced high-wicking fabric keeps you dry at all times
– Designed for many sports, including skiing, golf, tennis, and baseball
– Available in over 15 different colors
– 10 different sizes to choose from