Bivy Sacks

Depending on how long you are camping or where you are doing, a sleeping bag isn’t always enough protection for you. It might be wet out there or really cold. This is why they make bivouac sacks (better known as bivy sacks). These bivy sacks were originally used by people that would climb during a long excursion. They are super lightweight and don’t take up a log of space. In addition, it is a great alternative to having a tent as that takes up a lot of room. Now you can find everyone from hikers to minimalists using these bivy sacks.

However, since you are here, you probably understand how great a bivy sack is and you are looking to purchase one. These days are a lot of options out there so in order to find the right one for you, there is a lot of research to be done. Our goal is to make that search a little bit easier on you by listing some of the highest rated bivy sacks out there right now and talk about what makes them such a great option for you. We hope this list helps you to narrow your search for a new bivy sack.

Tact Bivvy Compact Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag

The Tact Bivvy sleeping bag is something that all should bring with them when they are braving the elements. For just around $15 you get a great bivy sack that is highly rated but most that use it. This bivy sack is extremely light weight and can be used on its own or to cover the sleeping bag you already own. It is made from Tact’s HeatEcho™ material that is used as a thermal reflective space blanket. In addition, this material is windproof and waterproof. It will retain some moisture so be aware of that. Outside of that, for the price, you won’t find many better.


– Extremely Lightweight – This bivy sack is made of a polyester film that is ultra-thin and reflective. It is tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand when it is packed up and only weighs 4.8 ounces.
– Made for emergency use. The bright orange color of this bivy sack makes it easy for rescue teams to find you
– Very durable – This sack is resistant to tearing as well as being water and windproof. It’s also got reinforced taped seams

Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag Thermal Bivvy

For around $16, you can pick up the bivy sack by Life Bivy. This bivy sack was made for survival and as long as you have it with you, survival is far more possible. If It’s compact and lightweight all while being made of some very durable materials. It also has a bright orange color so rescue teams are able to spot you. This bivy sack has a patent pending Para-Synch Technology that allows has a utility rope made of paracord built in with an emergency whistle.


– Very lightweight at just 4.1 ounces
– Functions as a survival shelter, survival sleeping back or blanket
– Made of 26um polyethylene material that is extra thick for your safety
– Weather resistant, tear resistant and durable
– Interior reflects up 90% of the heat given off
– Edges are seam sealed to keep the elements out
– Bright orange color

S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Longer Escape Bivvy

As we step up the price of bivy sacks, we also step up the features and quality. One of the features that makes this bivy sack worth just under $50 is the Sympatex Reflextion feature that allows you to stay warm and dry while being breathable and waterproof at the same time. This woven material is 70% reflective so you should expect to see an increase of around 5 to 10 degrees when used with a sleeping bag. You won’t see the condensation that you are used to seeing with bivy sacks as it allows moisture to escape but not come in. You can either get a bright bivy sack for emergency purposes or the OD Green color which allows for low visibility.


– Stay dry while the bivy sack warms you up
– Great for soggy conditions as this sack will keep you dry
– Fabric will reflect 70% of heat and is extremely durable
– Low visibility with OD green color or bright for emergency use
– Full featured side zipper, foot box and draw cord hood closure

US Army Military Woodland Camouflage Camo GTX GORETEX Sleeping Bag

This is a really high grade bivy sack as it was created for military use initially. This bivy is great for any outdoor occasion including hiking, hunting, camping, tactical operations and backpacking. It will most sleeping bags and keep you warm and dry. This bivy sack does a great job in keeping the moisture out while it keeps you dry. Even when the conditions around you are prime for a wet sleeping bag. The zippers are high quality and has a Velcro strip at the top to close everything off.


– Gore-Tex bivy sack
– Made in the USA
– Military grade
– 4 piece Modular Sleep System
– Woodland Camp pattern
– Snap storm flap
– Windproof and waterproof

Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy

Finally, we’ve got the Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy and it is a great piece of equipment. This bivy sack is huge and offers the most space out of all Outdoor Research’s products. You can use this as a tarp, a single person tent or to wrap your sleeping bag. You will also get the patented dual pole system that increases interior space and ventilation. Stay warm and dry while this bivy sack wicks the moisture away from you and keeps it out of your bag.


– Made of Gore-Tex
– Imported and made in the USA
– Waterproof and highly breathable
– Fully seam taped
– Anti-fungal coating
– Durable with No-see-um Mesh
– Hydroseal flooring
– Comes with one guy line loop, high volume toe end, five stake loops and an internal mesh pocket
– Delrin single pole system