Bo Bichette vs Kris Bryant Stats

Bo BichetteCareerKris Bryant
234Games Played884
1,030Plate Appearances3,838
45Home Runs167
146Runs Batted In487
33Stolen Bases44
6Caught Stealing20
.301Batting Average.278
.345On-Base Percentage.376
.506Slugging Percentage.504
485Total Bases1,657
14Grounded Into Double Plays43
7Hit By Pitch87

Bichette is sitting with a batting avereage of .301 for his time in baseball in addition to 171 scored runs and an OPS of .850. Over the course of his time in the league, he faced a pitcher 1,030 times and has delivered with a hit 289 times. He has accumulated a slugging percentage of .506 and he has racked up 485 bases. In his pro baseball career, Bichette has slapped 45 baseballs out of the park while knocking in 146 runs. He has gone down on strikes 214 times and has been walked on 59 occasions, contributing to a .345 OBP.

For the 3,287 at-bats in his pro career, Bryant has compiled an average at the plate of .278 in addition to 914 hits. He has gone yard 167 times, with 1,657 total bases and a .504 slugging percentage. Bryant has drawn a free base 443 times while fanning on 908 plate appearances. He has compiled 592 runs and also has 487 runs batted in. His on-base percentage sits at .376 and he has a career OPS of .880.

Bo BichetteStatKris Bryant
159Games Played144
690Plate Appearances586
121Runs Scored86
29Home Runs25
102Runs Batted In73
25Stolen Bases10
1Caught Stealing2
.298Batting Average.265
.343On-Base Percentage.353
.484Slugging Percentage.481
310Total Bases247
10Grounded Into Double Play9
6Hit By Pitch9

Bichette has a tally of 191 hits out of 640 at-bats for an average of .298. He has taken a walk 40 times and has earned an OBP of .343. On the campaign, Bichette has scored 121 runs, accrued 102 RBI and has earned 29 home runs. He has compiled an OPS of 0.827 (92nd in baseball) in addition to a slugging percentage of .484. He has been struck out 137 times (49th in the league) while accumulating 310 total bases.

Bryant is sitting with 247 total bases with 136 base knocks (72nd in MLB) out of 513 at-bats. He has tallied 86 runs for the season and has hit 25 balls out of the park. He is sitting with a average at the plate of .265 in addition to having an OPS of .834. He has compiled an on-base percentage of .353 in addition to 62 free passes and 135 strikeouts. Since the beginning of the season, Bryant has batted in 73 runs and has recorded a slugging percentage of .481.