Camp Kitchens

Last Updated on February 23, 2024

When you are exploring the wilderness via camping or some other adventure, people are usually quick to remember the basics. Things like sleeping bags, cots, warm clothes and food are things that are necessary out in the wilderness. There is no disputing that you get the essentials before you leave for a camping trip. However, when you are done with making sure you have all the absolute necessities, you should start to think about treating yourself and one way to do is to buy yourself a camp kitchen.

Camp kitchens aren’t all the same. To some it is simply a table to setup your utensils and food. To some it is a full oven with side tables and gas grills. There are a lot of options in terms of what companies are offering in a camp kitchen setup and that means there are a lot of options to choose from. In order to decide on the right camp kitchen, you need to decide what you’ll be doing when you are camping and what you’ll need.

That being said, we know it isn’t an easy choice so we wanted to help by sharing some of our favorite and best camp kitchens of the year. We are sharing some different options that will give you an idea of what’s out there. We hope the reviews and list of features will make your search just a little bit easier. Enjoy!

Ozark Trail Deluxe Outdoor Camp Kitchen and Sink Table

The Ozark Trail Durable Steel Frame with Easy-to-clean Tabletop, Deluxe Outdoor Camp Kitchen and Sink Table is a great option for someone considering getting their first camp kitchen. This setup is affordable and functional and you will love the features that it offers in a durable frame. It includes a pantry organizer that zips up so you can keep all your chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers in there and has a removable plastic sink that comes with a drying rack so you can do the dishes. One of the really nice features that this camp kitchen offers is the easy folding and storage. It comes with a nice carrying bag so you can store and transport it easily.


– Zip up pantry organizer
– Removable plastic sink
– Drying rack
– Folds small with carry bag
– Durable steel frame
– 19” x 24” table top grill
– Windscreen that is removable

Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Portable Kitchen

The Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Portable Kitchen is also a portable and simple camp kitchen that is perfect for someone that needs a little room to work but don’t want to have something too big or spend a whole lot of money. This camp kitchen was made with an aluminum frame that is rust resistant and it gets added strength with the channel extruded aluminum. Even more important than the build is the functionality. It’s got a food prep area that is moisture resistant and it gives you plenty of space for prepping your food. On the side of that you’ll find a wire grid extender shelf that will hold most camping stoves. From an easy to carry storage bag to lantern hooks and paper towel holders, this camp kitchen has it all.


– Full features that offer a removable sink and space to cook
– 40” x 20” food prep area
– Utensil hooks, mesh shelves and paper towel holder
– Folding design to stow away and transport easily

Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen

The Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen is a beautiful camping kitchen with many features that make it easy to cook and prepare for your family and friends. First of all, this camp kitchen folds easily and comes with a carry bag that has a strap. It is easy to setup and when you get to that point, you’ll notice all of the great features that this camp kitchen has to offer. It has a workstation, extension and a locker to make the perfect portable kitchen. It’s easy to clean and has a sturdy aluminum frame that makes it perfect for any environment that you might be in. That includes the garden, beach, park or your camping trip.


– Unpacked size is 69” x 19.5” x 43.5”
– Made of 19mm aluminum piping
– Fabric is poly 600D with PVC coating
– Includes four aluminum table tops and 3 cupboards
– Windscreen for heat retention and to keep the breeze out

Outsunny 6′ Aluminum Portable Fold-Up Camping Kitchen

The Outsunny 6′ Aluminum Portable Fold-Up Camping Kitchen with Windscreen and 5 Enclosed Cupboards is another beautiful option for you and your family while you are out on the river. It gives you plenty of room for all the cooking accessories you need and you can store them in the cupboards. This design has a large food prepping area, five enclosed cupboards, an aluminum countertop and two MDF countertops. There is a windscreen to keep the heat in and wind out and bug screens to keep your food safe from insects. It’ll help keep you organized so you can get the food out faster.


– Spacious countertops and storage – five MDF cupboards that are covered, two MDF countertops and an aluminum countertop
– Construction is easy to store and put together – takes just minutes to setup and folds down to a briefcase size
– Surfaces are easy to clean
– Wind wall and bug screen to keep food safe and warm

Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

The Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven isn’t so much a kitchen as it is an oven but it works great in the wilderness. No longer do you have to wait for hours to cook your food over an open flame. Just pop it in the oven and wait just a little bit and you’ve got yourself a warm, home-cooked mean. This has been designed to be both versatile and portable. It can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees and you can fit most pans inside. It uses a 1 lbs propane tank and will hold for seven hours at a temperature of 350 degrees.


– Matchless igniter
– Features two 7,500 BTI range burners
– Cooks up to five hours at the highest heat
– Uses 1 lbs propane tank
– 1 year limited warranty