Golf Grips

When looking in a golfer’s bag, the golf grips might be the most overlooked piece of equipment. Many golfers will put in the time in effort to researching what balls they should use, if they should change their driver or putter and maybe even changing your golf shoes. However, the often don’t think about the grips on the clubs and this is an important factor to keep in mind.

The grip of the club is the only part of the golf club that you touch when you are golfing, so finding the right grips for your clubs can improve your play. It’s important to find the right grips for you clubs and make sure they are fit for play and clean.

Rubber grips are probably the most common form of golf grips but there are also corded golf grips, wrap golf grips, lightweight golf grips and all of these can be firm or soft. The decision is really up to you to you. Some people might enjoy one style over another, but because there are so many options, we’ve created this list of some of the best golf grips of the year. Enjoy!

Saplize Golf Grips

The Saplize Golf Grips are also on our list of some of the best golf grips of the season. These grips features a compound material that made for better control of the grips. The upper part of the grips are a brushed cotton thread while the lower section is a high-feedback and soft rubber material. The rubber material used in these grips will absorb the shock that your palms would normally take while offering comfort and control. The fine cotton cord will keep your palms dry so the club doesn’t slip in your hand while you’re on the course. This brand is fairly new but they aim to offer great solutions for all your sporting needs.


– High quality material that absorbs shock, wicks moisture and is soft
– Provides all-weather performance
– Tapered shape comes in two different sizes including standard and mid-size
– High shock absorbency and comfort

Karma Velour Golf Grip Kits Grips Tape, Solvent & Vise Clamp

The Karma Velour Golf Grip Kit comes with 14 grips, solvent and vise clamp so you can put these on yourself. The grips give the golfer a classic design with a proven and familiar grip pattern that make these some of the most affordable and popular grips on the market. This package offers everything you need so you can get to work right away. In addition, there are different sizes available along with a ribbed version that is also available for purchase. Believe or not, these are very easy to put on yourself. We’ve seen the reviews about some having difficulty but we didn’t have any trouble in our testing.


– Classic look with a proven and familiar grip pattern
– Each package contains 13 grips, grip tape, grip solvent and a rubber vise clamp
– There are sizes for everyone including ladies, juniors, standard, mid-size and jumbo

Champkey Multi Compound Golf Grips for Golf Clubs Set of 13

The Champkey Multi Compound Golf Grips are made of a soft rubber material that gives you comfort and traction while the placement of the material is perfect for maximum coverage for your hands. These offer cotton thread technology which means there is less of a chance that your hands will slip and in turn, you’ll have a better swing. The electroplated top cover gives you a much better feel and it doesn’t wear down easily. The tape strips that are included aren’t the best, outside of that the grips are incredible. In summary, buy your own grip tape and use these grips to improve your golf game.


– Comes with 13 grips and grip tape
– Cotton thread technology with the upper half being constructed of a soft material and brushed cotton
– Control in all-weather with the moisture wicking cotton fibers that give you better feel and grip
– Champkey offers a 100% money back guarantee

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Standard 13 Count Set of Golf Club Grips

The Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Standard 13 Count Set of Golf Club Grips are another great set of grips that are sure to improve your golf game. If you like the feel of wraps, these are the set for you. These grips have a very “tacky” feel to them which makes it easier to get your hands to turn over and release grip pressure. They might get a little slippery after a while, but this is normal. Just wipe them down with water and dry them with a towel. You can also clean with dish soap. These are standard size tour wraps.


– Standard size grips
– Great “tacky” feel that will help you to turn your hands over better
– Easy to install yourself which will save you some money
– Incredible grip and tackiness that will help to improve your golf game by leaps and bounds

Set of 9 Or 13 Winn DRITAC AVS Midsize Golf Grips

The Set of 9 Or 13 Winn DRITAC AVS Midsize Golf Grips are sure to help you make strides in your game. Get them in a set of 9 or 13. These grips weigh about 49 grams each and aren’t tapered and many people that use these say that feel an improved grip without the taper. These are incredibly soft grips with a tacky feel that allow you to play in all weather conditions. These are very easy to put on your clubs and are made of a durable and high-quality material that will last you for a long time. Overall, we suggest trying these out if you are tired of the small and hard grips that are on your clubs.


– Can choose between a set of 9 or 13 grips
– Mid-size golf grips
– Very tacky feel
– Easy to apply and use
– Come in a great looking black and blue color scheme