Hiking Hats

It used to be that most hikers would simply grab their jackets, pants, and boots and be on their way to their favorite trails, but these days most people realize that they need solid hiking hats to complete the ensemble. As with most things, though, not every hiking add is created equal, so you need to know what to look for when you’re searching for one.

What’s interesting about hiking hats is that many of them have similar looks, but each company that makes them will go all out to make sure that their products are unique. That is a good thing since it gives us a bunch of great options, but it also makes the process a bit confusing. You need to know which ones will fit the best, which ones will protect you from the sun, and of course you want your hat to look good on your head.

On this page we will take a look at some of the most loved hiking hats currently on the market. You can be sure that each of the five listed below will do its job on your hikes, but it’s up to you to decide which one will be best for you based on its unique features.

Columbia Bora Bora II Booney Hat

Created for hiking and fishing adventurers, the Columbia Bora Bora II Booney hat has just about everything that everyone wants from a hiking hat. It was designed to fit any head, it use top notch sweat absorption technology, and it is lightweight so it doesn’t wear you down. On top of all of that, the Bora Bora II has built-in UPF 50 protection, which is essential if you plan on hiking for any period of time under the sun.


– Omni-Shade textured nylon UPF 50 rating high sun protection
– Sweatband is very breathable and has excellent absorption materials
– Drawcord is adjustable for perfect fit
– Chin strap is adjustable to keep hat aligned on your head
– Designed to keep your head cool
– Machine washable

Camo Coll UPF 50+ Boonie Hat

With their Camo Coll UPF 50+ Boonie hat, the company decided to focus on two things: keeping the hat as lightweight as possible and giving people the best sun protection possible. This is the hat that you want to get if you prefer snug fits over loose fits since the polyester materials used are meant to stay tighter to prevent slipping or even flying away in windy conditions. The most consistent thing said about this Camo Coll hiking hat is that it is one of the very best at keeping your skin protected from the sun.


– Very soft and cool polyester material
– Uses UPF 50+ for essential UV sun protection
– Easy-to-use adjustable drawstring so you can quickly position the hat when needed
– Created for every type of outdoor activity, including hiking, fishing, and camping
– Very low price point when compared to its top-rated competitors
– Brim is perfect length for blocking the sun from all angles

Lenikis Sun Hat with Neck Flap

Lenikis is a company known for making affordable products without using cheap materials, and that is certainly true again with this hiking hat. In is one of the lightest hats that you will find, yet it still does a great job of protecting you from the sun. The included neck flap is the type of inclusion that you might not think about at first, but you will notice that extra protection after long hours in the sun. On top of all of that, you get a full 50+ UPF protection, so they really did include most of the features people are looking for in their hiking hats at a great price point.


– Lightweight polyester ensures that the hat will not weight you down
– Fabric has UPF 50+, which blocks 98 percent of sun rays that come your way
– Breathable mesh to keep your entire head cool on even the sunniest of days
– Attached neck flap gives you that extra bit of protection
– Unisex design, so it’s one of the rare hiking hats that can be shared with the whole family
– Adjustable head band allows you to make this hat a perfect fit on most heads
– Under $13, making it one of the least expensive hiking hats on the market

UShake Mosquito Head Net Hat

UShake has taken their hiking hat to the next level by giving customers both sun and insect protection. This is a great hat to get if you know that you are going to be hiking in areas that are known to have mosquitos or other nasty bugs. What’s great is that mesh net can easily be hidden away when you don’t need it, leaving you with a form-fitting classic hiking hat. It’s also unisex, so it’s a hiker’s hat that anyone can use.


– Made of polyester and nylon, a fabric combo that is great for breathability and insect protection
– UPF 50+ sun protection all the way around the brim of the hat
– Hidden mesh net included for full-head insect protection
– Hat and net are both adjustable, making it easy to get the perfect fit
– Unisex design, fitting just about any adult head
– 100 percent money back guarantee if you aren’t fully satisfied

LETHMIK Boonie Hat

This LETHMIK hiking hat is arguably the most attractive unisex hiker’s hat out there right now. It has that nice rounded fit and a brim that is wide without being too wide. It’s also very lightweight so it won’t weigh your head down even after hours of wearing it. On top of all of that, the hat is waterproof, so you won’t have any issues even if you end up hiking in a storm.


– Made of polyester fiber fabric, making the hat both lightweight and durable
– One of the only high-rated waterproof hiking hats on the market right now
– Thin yet very strong elastic drawstring to easily keep the hat on your head in windy conditions
– Very attractive look for both men and women
– Foldable so that you can easily put it in your pocket when not needed