Paddle Board Leashes

When you paddle board you might think of some of the most important equipment that you would need as being the board itself, the paddle and maybe some fins. However, one of the most important pieces of equipment that you would need, and one that can save your life, is the paddle board leash. For anyone that enjoys paddle boarding, this little thing that connects your board to your body is the same thing that could very well keep you from drowning.

If you are lost, far from shore or tired, the paddle board leash is will keep that paddle board tethered to your body so you can keep it close to keep you afloat. Even a minimal breeze could blow the board away from you if it isn’t attached.

We’re sure you know the importance of the paddle board leash because you are here. That being said, we want to give you a list of some of the highest rated paddle board leashes for 2019 and talk about what makes them so great. With a description and list of features for each, we hope to make your choices a little easier for you when you decide to buy your own paddle board leash. We hope this helps!

SBS 10’ Coiled SUP Leash

The SBS 10’ Coiled SUP Leash is a product that is brought to you by the company Santa Barbara Surfing. Santa Barbara Surfing stands behind their products and with this one especially. They are so positive you will be satisfied with this paddle board leash that they offer a lifetime guarantee of countless uses. This leash is perfect for attaching to your paddle board for flat and open water cruising. With a comfortable ankle cuff, you will forget that this leash is even attached to you. The coil design on the leash is made specifically to keep out of your way in which it does very well. This super strong and lightweight paddle board leash is a must for beginners and professionals.


– Strong 7mm urethane cord
– Molded-in 316 stainless steel
– Triple rail-saver
– Comfortable and padded ankle strap
– Guaranteed to last you for life

Unigear Premium 10’ Coiled SUP Leash

The Unigear Premium 10’ Coiled SUP Leash is a paddle board leash brought to you by the company Unigear. This paddle board leash is a leash specifically designed to be used on flat water but it can also be used for open waters as well. It is lightweight and flexible but can also handle heavy boards with ease. The ankle cuff on the leash is comfortable and will not get in the way of anything while your out on the water. Made with stainless steel, there will be no signs of sea water corrosion. The ankle cuff has a hidden key pocket that can be revealed by pulling a tab.


– Comes with a waterproof wallet that can be worn in many different ways, such as around your waist
– Made with durable material that is guaranteed to last a lifetime
– Comfortable and padded ankle cuff
– Lightweight but durable, can handle the heaviest paddle boards
– Material will resist seawater corrosion


The BPS ‘Storm’ Ultralite 10 Foot Coiled SUP Leash is a paddle board leash brought to you by the company BPS. This leash is made with top of the line technology that has been worked on and constructed to meet all the requirements you are looking for in a paddle board leash. With a coiled leash, this will insure the cord will not get wrapped around your foot or be in the way of anything. The bright colors on the leash itself will help you keep track of where exactly the leash is and how it is laying on your paddle board. This leash is tangle free as well as being able to resist the corrosion effect the seawater may have on the device.


– Lightweight leash that can handle heavy paddle boards
– Neoprene ankle cuff is extra padded for comfort
– Double stainless steel
– Swivels to prevent any tangles
– 10 foot coiled cord

Tagvo SUP Leash Coiled 10’

The Tagvo SUP Leash Coiled 10’ is a product that is brought to you by the company Tagvo. Perhaps one of the best features of this leash is its safety features. Since the leash is coiled, this allows the leash to not get tangled on anything or get caught up in anything you come across in the water. If you fall off your paddle board, do not worry about losing your board, this cord reaches up to 10 feet. The length of the cord is important because if the cord is not long enough, you might be too close to your board if you fall down. This cord is super strong and durable, it will last a lifetime of use.


– Tangle free cord
– Comes with waterproof waist pouch
– Ankle cuff is padded and comfortable
– 7mm TPU polyurethane code for a strong and sturdy leash
– Perfect for stand up paddle boarding or surfing

Own the Wave Super Premium 10’ Coiled ‘Nemesis’ SUP Leash

The Own the Wave Super Premium 10’ Coiled ‘Nemesis’ SUP Leash is a paddle board leash that is brought to you by the company Own the Wave. Nicknamed the ‘Nemesis’, this durable and top of the line paddle board leash is perfect for anyone that is looking for a fantastic leash for their paddle board. Because the leash is coiled, this allows the leash to not get snagged or tangled on anything that may get in your path. The ankle cuff that wraps around your ankle is both padded and will stay snug against you.


– 10’ coiled leash gives you enough room to move around
– Padded ankle cuff for comfort
– Very durable and high strength
– Will not tangle
– Lightweight
– Will handle heavy and light paddle boards