Sleeping Pads

If you are looking for a good night sleep out in the wilderness when you’re camping, you’ve got some options. A nice tent, warm sleeping bag, nice pillows and a heat source might be a few ways to make your night go by a little faster. However, one thing that people often neglect that can make a big difference is a sleeping pad.

Sleeping pads play an important role when trying to get some good sleep. First of all, they offer cushioning to the person sleeping in addition to what you are already using. Secondly, a sleeping mat will give you insulation if you are laying on the ground. These are two really important factors when trying to sleep outside and the difference is palpable. While many would think the main function of the sleeping pad is to give you more cushioning, the main thing it does is add extra warmth.

Make your choice for your next sleeping pad based on the type of sleeping pad (closed cell, self-inflating, air), how you intend to use it and what features are most important to you. However, we are assuming you’d like a little extra information and that’s why we created this list of some of the best sleeping pads of the year. We hope this list will help you make a more informed decision.

SEMOO Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Mat

The SEMOO Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Mat is the first sleeping mat on our list and it comes in at around $30. The self-inflating design makes this easy to pull out of the bag and get under your sleeping bag in no time. No pump is needed either. You just open the bag up, pull it out and it will start to inflate. Not only is it easy to inflate, but you won’t have to worry about water leaking through. It has a waterproof polyester taffeta coating that adapts to extreme weather. To add icing to the cake this little sleeping pad is portable and lightweight so you can take it anywhere.


– Easy to inflate as it does it on its own and it is easy to deflate
– Easy to carry and lightweight
– Comfortable and durable
– Size is 74 x 23.6 x 1.2 inches

VENTURE 4TH Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad

The VENTURE 4TH Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad is the next one on our list and for good reason. This sleeping pad has nothing but satisfied customers and there are a few reasons why. First of all, this air sleep pad is squeak free and silent which makes it great for light sleepers. It’s also got a rapid inflation valve that makes sure you aren’t waiting long to inflate or deflate the pad. This pad has been designed to accommodate the most demanding needs when you are sleeping on a pad. It’s thick, but not bulky. It’s flexible, yet firm and it won’t break the bank when you buy it.


– Size: 73.6 x 21.6 inches and two inches thick
– Weighs just 1 pound
– Made to last with heavy duty and high quality material
– Compact and portable which means there is no place this sleeping pad can’t go
– Inflate this pad in just 10 to 12 breaths

WellaX Ultralight Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad for Camping

The WellaX Ultralight Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad is great for camping, traveling, hiking and backpacking. Take it anywhere you go and it will have you protected from the cold earth. Dozens of air cells and a foam frame will support your weight so you sleep comfortably all night and stay warm. You won’t bottom out or wobble when you’re on this sleeping pad.

The revolutionary of this sleeping pad is going to be something you notice immediately. It’s tear resistant with laminated 20D rip stop nylon and a TPU layer on top of all that. In all, this sleeping pad is tear resistant, holds heat, waterproof and almost completely silent. All of which leads to a great night of sleep.


– Tear resistant design that will leave you worry free
– Inflated size is 74 x 24 x 2.5 inches
– Lightweight and compact
– Foam frame mattress with dozens of air cells
– Patent pending design
– No risk purchase – if you’re unhappy, let them know and they will send your money back

TETON SPORTS Universal Camping Pad

The Teton Sports Universal Camping Pad will run you around $65 and it is well worth the cost. This foam, lightweight sleeping pad is perfect for camping, hiking or just enjoying the outdoors. This pad is comfortable, thick and might make you forget that you are camping. The open cell design makes sure this pad keeps its shape. There is also an extra layer of insulation for warmth and comfort. This pad is also really easy to use and lightweight with a built in roll assister and roll up straps that allow you to store the pad quickly.


– Limited lifetime warranty – this company will take care of you if you’re unhappy
– Lightweight and easy to use with built in roll assist
– Sewn in pockets for storage
– Attachments are easy to use
– Has a built in pillow pocket to keep your pillow in one place
– Compression straps to for easy transport
– Tie downs at each corner

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite Ultralight Backpacking Air Mattress

The Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite Ultralight Backpacking Air Mattress is a great option for any camper or hiker if you are looking for some good sleep. This inflatable air mattress/pad is only 8 ounces so you can safely assume that it packs up tight making it easy to take with you. It’s got reflective ThermaCapture technology that traps heat because we all know what it is like to lay on a sleeping pad or air mattress and feel that cold air coming through. Overall, this is a great pad that will give you a great sleep.


– Tapered design to reduce the weight of the product without sacrificing comfort
– ThermaCapture technology to keep you warm through the night
– Very light and is ideal for 3 season
– Inflates in less than 2 minutes