Speed Bags

Last Updated on February 24, 2024

Speed bags have been around for years. When used by experienced fighters the speed bag is a wonderful example of speed and power in a controlled fashion. With the speed bag, you can mix elbows and punches together to show a steady attack from all angles. The sound of the rhythm while hitting the speed bag can be almost hypnotic. Outside of how cool it looks, there are a great deal of benefits to using the speed bag.

It’s great for hand & eye coordination, rhythm and timing, punching power, hand speed, cardio and rhythmic expression to name a few benefits. All of this comes without risking your health. You can put a speedbag anywhere in your house or gym and it will be out of the way. It’s a great tool in your journey to being a better fighter and we want to help you find a speed bag that will work for you.

In this post we are going to share five different speed bags that we really love. These speed bags are all highly rated and well-reviewed. We will talk about what makes these bags so great and also talk about some of the features that make these speed bags stand out from the others. We hope that providing this list will help to make your choices a little easier.

Everlast Speed Bag 9X6

The Everlast Speed Bag comes from a company that has been strong in the fight game for years. This is a great inflatable speed bag that is designed to take a beating from the likes of fighters and kids alike. This genuine leather speed bag is durable and affordable. This bag is all work with none of the frills. It will take a beating, and makes you keep up the pace because it is a smaller bag. However, you’ll thank us later because the more accurate you are with the bag, the faster and more accurate you’ll be when you’re really fighting.


– This is made of high quality leather
– Seams are reinforced for durability that will last you years
– Accurate rebounds with balanced bag
– Medium bag measures at 9×6 and the larger speed bag comes in at 10×7
– If speed bag starts to deflate, just fill with more air because bags will lose air pressure over time

Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag w/Lightweight Latex Bladder

The Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag w/Lightweight Latex Bladder comes in three different sizes that include the small (7.5×5), medium (9.5×6) and large (10.5×7). This bag is made for predictability, durability and of course, speed. This speed bag is made from 100% genuine cowhide leather which means it is going to be tough and be able to withstand anything you’re dishing out.

The latex bladder on the inside of the bag allows for faster and lighter performance than most traditional rubber bladders. While the latex bladder needs to be reinflated more regularly than the rubber bladders, you will see the difference in quality while you are training.


– Inner latex bladder is lightweight and makes for faster performance
– Speed bag is made of genuine full grain cowhide leather
– Centered and balanced for consistent and predictable rebounds
– Premium and simple design make this bag a must have for any home or gym

TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags

Title has been a respected name in the sport of boxing for many years now and the TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag is another reason to keep that going. For just $40 you can get your hands on this speed bag and have a great, new addition to your home or fighting gym. This bag is built with precision Gyro Balanced technology that will make sure there is rapid recoiling and true rebounds to help you to develop hand-eye coordination, improve your speed and get extremely fast reflexes. This shell made of top grade leather and the triple reinforced seams that hold it together are there ready for a balanced and relentless workout whenever you are so don’t wait any longer to buy.


– Made with Gyro Balanced Technology
– Constructed with high quality leather
– Triple reinforced seams for durability
– Bladder is made of butyl leather with great internal balancing for best results

RDX Speed Ball

The RDX Speed Ball Boxing with Genuine Leather is great for punching and striking in sports like MMA, Muay Thai, boxing and kickboxing to name a few. This product has a patent pending and is made of genuine cowhide leather. You can inflate the internal bladder with a normal pump from your garage and then you’ll be ready to roll. The swivel can be installed on any suitable surface so this speed bag becomes really convenient for anyone that is trying to improve their striking skills. The swivel on this bag is great for rhythm and speed and has a reduced center hub.


– Speed Ball is patent pending and comes with RDX elite swivel
– Genuine cowhide leather build that has four layers of poly cotton for internal lining
– Every speed bag is individually balanced and shaped for perfect rebounding
– Lightweight for great rebounding
– Get top of the line durability with riveted attachment and double lined hanging strap

Ringside Cleto Reyes Speed Bag

The Ringside Cleto Reyes Speed Bag is one of the best speed bags on the market for this year and 2019. It comes in three different colors of red, black and the Mexican flag colors. This bag comes in at around $90 but if you’ve ever used a fight product from the Ringside Cleto Reyes series, you’ll know these products are the real deal. Pick the size that works best for you and marvel at the speed and rebounding of this bag. Quality equipment isn’t cheap so don’t worry about spending a little more money on this speed bag because it is going to last you for a long time. Compare it to any bag under $50 and you will see why this Cleto Reyes bag is one of the top ones out there.


– Handcrafted in Mexico under tight quality control
– Built with durable leather for longevity
– Build your reflexes and speed with this bag
– Bag is easy to install and lightweight