Surfboard Wall Racks

Surfboards aren’t exactly storage friendly. They are bigger than most pieces of equipment that you’ll use and that means that having a nice place to put them is important if you want to be able to move around the house without stepping on one. It’s also important if you want to avoid damaging your surfboard.

There are also different ways to store your surfboard. You’ve got standing racks, wall racks and the old fashioned way of leaning them against a wall. However, we are going to stick with wall racks for your surfboard in this post and there are a lot of options for wall racks. You can choose big racks that can hold multiple boards or minimalistic racks that may only hold one but is far more aesthetically pleasing than other options its up to you.

Because there are so many options out there, we wanted to try and help. Below you will find some of our favorite surfboard wall racks of 2019. All of the wall racks we list are highly rated and some of the best out there right now. We hope this list will help you in your shopping.

THURSO SURF Minimalist Style Surfboard Wall Rack

If you’re into the minimalist look and you don’t want to have a large wall rack protruding from your wall, the Thurso Surf Minimalist Style Surfboard Wall Rack might be the best option for you. It’s a great option if you only have one board to store and you don’t want to spend much money. You can pick this up for $15. In this package you are going to get four strong drywall anchors and four stainless steel screws along with the precisely crafted iron brackets. It’s a very simple and clean look that works great. It is also a great way to display your board to the world.


– Can be used on longboards, shortboards or paddle boards
– Racks are crafted with high grade anodized iron meaning they are anti-rust
– Inner side of racks are built with soft felt padding to allow you board to rest damage free
– Get drywall anchors and stainless steel screws with package

Cor Surf Surfboard Wall Rack for Long Boards and Short Boards

The Cor Surf Surfboard Wall Rack for Long Boards and Short Boards is a great option to store your surfboard and it looks great too. This rack was made to work both indoors and outdoors and it is made from sustainable wood. You can show off your board while keeping it safe at the same time. This is a single rack so it will hold one board at a time and has a rubber strip to protect your board from damage and to hold the board in place.

Cor Surf has been a leader in surfboard storage for 15 years now so you know you’re getting a great product when you purchase this storage rack.


– Works great for hanging kiteboards, snowboards, shortboards, wakeboards and longboards
– Display your surfboard on this beautifully stained wood wall rack
– Looks great both outdoors and indoors
– Protect your rails with protective rubber strip
– Simple and clean design comes with everything you need to install

Cor Surf Triple | 3 Board Surfboard Bamboo Surf Rack for Wall

We are going to go back to another Cor Surf Product that is really highly rated and functional. For just $60 you can pick up the Cor Surf Triple. This rack will hold up to three boards and is made of bamboo to make it tough and durable. The beautifully stained product comes in either wood or bamboo. Either one of these will look great and put your boards on display the way they should be displayed.

It is easily installed and mounted into the studs and from what’s been tested, can hold over 100 lbs. in boards. You can use this to hold any of your boards including snowboards, longboards, shortboards and wakeboards. You can count on a sturdy and elegant looking product that won’t let you down.


– This is big and strong and will hold the heaviest of longboards
– Made from solid bamboo or beautiful dark stained wood
– Adjustable rack in which you can remove the center arms to only display two
– Soft rubber strips on arms to protect and stabilize

Surfboard, Wakeboard, Kiteboard Wall Rack Mount by Pro Board Racks

The Wall Rack Mount by Pro Board Racks is a great option if you need to store up to four boards. This can hold any kind of board you need to hold including longboards, shortboards, snowboards and wakeboards to name a few. This rack is adjustable and you can install it in a way that will hold whatever you need.

This rack has great reviews and is one of the most popular storage devices for the year. Users have claimed a little bend in the dowel rods, but that might help with the give. They have protection around each dowel for protection. This rack is simple and works great.


– Handmade in the USA
– Arms are padded, angled and 16 inches long
– Great for displaying, mounting and storing your boards
– Instruction and mounting hardware included
– Lifetime warranty and hassle free returns

StoreYourBoard Metal Surfboard Storage Rack

The Metal Surfboard Storage Rack by StoreYourBrand is one of the highest rated wall racks out there for 2019 It can hold up to four surfboards and will only run you around $70. It’s heavy duty and adjustable which fits the description of the perfect wall rack. Mounting this rack is really easy. It is as easy as finding the studs in your wall and inserting the screws.

Overall, the material are strong and durable and will hold almost anything you put up. It also looks great for those that don’t just want an ugly rack on the wall. Your surfboards deserve better.


– Adjustable rack system that allows you to set the distance before you mount so you can store anything
– Installation and mounting made easy with finding the studs and using the screws
– This rack is multipurpose and you can store anything you’d like