Water Bags

Staying hydrated is possibly the most important thing you can do for your body and health. Extreme sports such as rock climbing and hiking can take a lot out of you. In order to stay on top of your game and not pass out from dehydration, carrying a container of water is always necessary. The problem a lot of hikers and rock climbers have is that their waters bottles are too bulky for them to maneuver properly. This is of course why they make water bags especially designed for these occasions.

Containers you can keep your water in come in all different shapes and sizes. Thanks to the people who specialize in camping gear and the outdoors, finding water bags and containers for your trip has become as easy as clicking a button. Down below will be different water bags and products from different companies and brands.

Survivor Filter Collapsible Canteen

The Survivor Filter Collapsible Canteen is one of the best forms of containers you can carry your water in for those long hikes and camping trips. This canteen holds up to 33 liquid ounces of water and acts as a bladder. This canteen is made out of a material that is able to be rolled up or flattened out for easy transportation. Not only does this serve its purpose in holding water, it acts as a filtration system as well. For just the low price of 13 US dollars, you can own two of these canteens along with complimentary carabiners to attach to your hiking gear.


– Handles – The handle on this canteen is durable and sturdy enough to where it will not break. Made with a strong plastic material, the handle is just big enough to insert a carabiner so you can attach the water bag to your backpack or wherever else you find suitable.

– Collapsible – Have no more worries about carrying a heavy, bulky water bottle. This water bag is just that, a thick and light bag that holds up to 33 ounces of liquid. When you are done with the bag, you can simply fold it up and stick it in your pack almost as if it were not even there.

– Clean – This water bag is easy to keep clean. It is see-through so you will be able to clean all the areas you see are dirty. The cap is also a push-pull cap, which will help in getting any dirt inside the bottle or on the surface of the mouth piece. It is easy to clean and has a lifetime guarantee to last you as long as you may need it.

Platypus Platy 2 Liter Ultralight Collapsible Water Bottle

The Platypus Platy Water Bottle is a product that is brought to you by the company Platypus. This lightweight collapsible water bottle holds up to 70 liquid ounces. For just 13 US dollars, you can own this water bottle and take it on any adventure you like. Weighing just 1.3 ounces, this water bag is made of a material that is collapsible so you can roll it up or flatten it out when you are finished. This is a great water bag and when filled up, it stands on its own sturdy base.


– Water Filter – This water bag although it does not come with a water filter, has a screw on cap specifically made for water filters. It pairs nicely with other Platypus products such as the Platypus GravityWorks Filtration System.

– Light – Perhaps one of the best features about this water bag is how light it is. Easily folds up when not in use and can easily be tucked into any side compartment on your backpack.

– Durable – The Platypus water bag is durable. Made with a thick material and a food grade polyethylene coating on the inside, this makes it so the water does not taste like plastic.

Hydration Bladder 2 Liter Leak Proof Water Reservoir

The Hydration Bladder 2 Liter Leak Proof Water Reservoir is a product brought to you by the company CHERAINTI. This is a military grade water bag is perfect to take with you on your hikes, camping trips, rock climbs, kayaking, and other adventures. With a large opening, it has an easy pour option and can even fit ice cubes inside for those hot days. An insulated tube is also attached for a quick drink. This is one of the highest rated water bags on the market and is priced at just 13 US dollars.


– Insulated Tube – A tube runs from the water bag and acts as a straw. This way you do not need to keep pulling your water bag out from where you have it just to get a quick drink of water. This both saves energy and time for yourself instead of fumbling around your pack looking for your water. It also has an ON and OFF valve you can use to determine if you want water to be sucked through the tube or not.

– Quality – The entire inside lining of the water bag is made with an antibacterial material. This material does not allow germs or lime to stick to the walls of the water bag, it also does not leave a plastic taste in your mouth like many water bags do.

– Leak Proof – This water bag is made with 100 percent leak proof material. If your Hydration Bladder Leak Proof Water Reservoir ever starts to leak, you will get your money back or a replacement.

Vbiger Hydration Pack with 3L Bladder Water Bag

The Vbiger Hydration Pack is brought to you by the company Vbiger. This hydration pack is a step up from the average water bag. With this hydration pack, you are able to carry your water with you on your back and suck the water through a tube that contains ‘bite valves’ which allow you open the valve for water to flow through by gently biting on it. This pack is great for hiking, camping, and backpacking. Starting at the low price of 15 US dollars, this is a great piece of equipment to bring with you on your adventures.


– Hands Free – This water pack will allow you to travel and hike up whatever terrain is thrown at you without having to pull out a water pack constantly. A valve is inside of the tube and when gently bitten on, the valve opens releasing the water.

– Durable – Made from rugged Oxford fabric and nylon, this water pack is very durable and tear proof.

– Pouches – Not only does this pack fit around your shoulders like a book bag, it has readily available pouches for you to stash items such as your keys, wallet, and snacks.