Women’s Climbing Shoes

Choosing the best pair of women’s climbing shoes might be one of the most important choices you can make when gearing up for a climb. Rock climbing shoes are what attach you to the rock and choosing the wrong kind of shoe can hold you back and potentially, end up costing you more.

When choosing your next pair of women’s climbing shoes you should consider the type of climbing shoes it is. This means choosing between aggressive, moderate and neutral shoes. Next, you need to consider the features of the shoe which include things like linings, laces, straps and the rubber used. Finally, the fit might be the most important factor. They need to be snug but not too tight.

All that said, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best women’s climbing shoes out there for the year. These shoes are all highly rated and well-reviewed. You can rest assured that these are all quality shoes that will treat you well.

La Sportiva Women’s Solution Performance Rock Climbing Shoes

These rock climbing shoes for women are specially designed to help you get over those boulders and assure your safety while doing so. With a down turned positioning, this allows you to get a better grip on the rock or boulder you are climbing over much easier than that of wearing the average shoe. With Velcro straps, you will easily be able to strap these shoes on and off. Staying tight against your feet, the heel of these shoes has a special function in which the outer heel is constructed with a sticky rubber grip, this grip will help keep your foot planted on those rocks while climbing upwards or coming down. Made with leather material, these shoes are both durable and comfortable.


– Down turned toe to help keep your feet hooked
– Sticky rubber heel grip to ensure you will not slip
– Perfect for getting over large boulders
– Durable material will last many years of hardcore use
– Velcro straps ensure your feet remain inside

Climb X Technician Strap Climbing Shoe

The Climb X Technician climbing shoe is made from premium leather, has an X-factor rubber band sole, and a breathable mesh tongue. These shoes are great for anyone and will fit most any women, with three rubber straps, you will be able to tighten up any extra room that you may have, keeping the shoe firmly against your feet for added protection and safety. A powerful downward toe is implemented in the design for a solid grip against any rock or boulder that comes in your path. With anti-odor material, you will not have to worry about these shoes smelling bad or stinking up your area. The breathable material on these shoes will keep your feet feeling fresh and ready to go.


– Durable and lightweight
– Mesh tongue keeps feet cool and dry
– Downward toe for better grip
– Extra rubber straps to keep shoes on tight
– Perfect for beginners and professionals

Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe

The Evolv Elektra climbing shoe is a new and upgraded shoe from Evolv’s earlier climbing shoe. With new antimicrobial material, these shoes will keep your feet feeling dry and cool. The material also has odor eliminating agents which will keep your shoes from smelling bad or stinking up your area. The insides of these shoes will keep your feet comfortable with a soft feel, the outside heel as well as the bottom of the shoe is made with a sticky rubber material that will be sure to keep your feet in place while climbing or walking across any boulders. Two Velcro straps are implemented on the top of the shoes for a better, tighter, more secure fit. Coming in just about every size, these shoes will fit most women.


– Perfect for walking across and climbing boulders
– Very comfortable and soft inside
– Outside rubber bottom and heel to keep from slipping
– Velcro straps to keep tight against the feet
– Mesh material keeps feet cool and dry

Butora Endeavor Tight Fit Climbing Shoe

The Butora Endeavor is a climbing shoe that is used by beginners and professionals from all over. With a slight down turned toe, this makes climbing and gripping boulders easier than ever before. The outside material on the bottom of the foot and on the heel is constructed with sticky rubber which grips onto any flat surface, keeping your feet stabilized and in place. A moisture wicking foot bed is placed on the inside of the shoe to keep your feet dry and cool. Made with 100 percent organic hemp fabric, this will greatly reduce the odor that may come from climbing all day. Coming in mostly every size, these shoes will fit just about anyone, adjust the tightness with the Velcro straps.


– Velcro straps
– Odor free material
– Slight downward toe for added hooking grip
– Sticky rubber sole
– Mesh material will keep feet cool and dry

Mad Rock Lotus Climbing Shoes

The Mad Rock Lotus climbing shoe is made with 100 percent synthetic material, the heel of these shoes has a sticky rubber grip which will keep you from slipping or losing balance while climbing or walking across large boulders. These shoes come in all sizes and fit mostly anyone, with an added Velcro strap, you will be able to control the tightness of these shoes to your comfort. A flex in the middle of the foot is implemented for better hooking and gripping on rocks and boulders. Mesh material is within the shoe which will keep your feet feeling cool and dry, you will not have to worry about your feet slipping around in your shoes from being sweaty.


– Made with 100 percent synthetic material
– Velcro strap for added tightness
– Rubber soles for added grip
– Arch flex system allows your feet to be at a better angle to hold onto boulders
– Keep your balance and stabilize yourself while climbing

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