Baseball Batting Gloves

Last Updated on February 23, 2024

If you weren’t aware, baseball batting gloves were created to enhance the player’s dexterity and grip. That said, many of us and our kids would wear batting gloves because they look cool, but there is a function to these gloves and this is probably why you’re here.

Wearing batting gloves can dramatically increase your grip on a metal or wooden bat while decreasing the amount of sweat that your hands might normally have. By keeping a controlled and tight grip, players will start to see an improvement in performance at the plate. They also offer a level of protection when you’re at the plate. God forbid your hands get nailed by a pitch, the baseball batting gloves will protect your hands and at least absorb some of the impact.

The main characteristic you should look for when buying some batting gloves is to make sure they fit well. After that, there are many features that you can look for that might be beneficial to your safety and health.

That being said, there are still a lot of options out there when you’re looking for your own pair of baseball batting gloves. This is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best batting gloves out there. All of these that follow are highly rated and well-reviewed. We hope that the product listing along with a list of features will help to make your shopping experience much easier.

Franklin Sports MLB Digitek Batting Gloves

The Franklin Sports MLB Digitek Batting Gloves are some of the best gloves of the year and come from the company that is well known for their baseball and softball equipment. The MLB Digitek series have a great look, fit and feel while offering and extremely flexible fit. These batting gloves have a durable leather heel patch with a little bit of that digital look. These gloves have a digitally etched microfiber palm for top of the line grip. We feel like these batting gloves are worth every cent. They are very durable, comfortable and great looking. We think you’ll like them a lot too.


– Superior grip with digitally etched microfiber palm
– Heel patch is made of top grade genuine leather
– Multi-functional, flexible glove with a great look, feel and fit
– A touch of digital camo flair

Easton Z3 Hyperskin Batting Gloves

The Easton Z3 Hyperskin Batting Gloves feather a smooth goatskin palm with sublimated, flexible 4-way mesh, a synthetic thumb and 40mm neoprene band with a pull tab that is branded. That is the short form version of an explanation of these batting gloves, but what you can’t see through this description is how comfortable these gloves are. They also have great grip along with ventilation that will keep your hands cool while you’re out on the diamond.

Some that have purchased these gloves have claimed that they run small. This is something to keep in mind when you make your purchase so just order a size up and experience the great benefits of the Easton Z3 Hyperskin Batting Gloves.


– Smooth goatskin palm with a synthetic thumb
– Mesh is sublimated and flexible 4-way stretch
– 40mm neoprene band with a pull tab that is branded
– Comfortable and ventilated

Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 Signature Batting Gloves

The Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 Signature Batting Gloves come in multiple sizes and also comes in a white color. With these great looking batting gloves, you are going to get features like anti-slip silicone finger print for some of the best grip out of all the gloves out there. The Velcro cuff closure design makes these gloves fit great while being easy to take off and put back on. These gloves will keep your hands cool and extra ventilated with side finger and palm perforations. In addition, these gloves offer incredible shock absorption with the gel padded palm.


– Use palm circumference when measuring for size – do not include thumb
– Available in multiple sizes and a white color
– For measurements, use palm not including thumb
– Anti-slip silicone finger for great grip
– Velcro closure cuff design making these gloves easy to take off and put on
– Gel padded palm for shock absorption

DeMarini Digi Camo II Batting Gloves

The DeMarini Digi Camo II Batting Gloves are great looking gloves that will give you the grip and comfort that you should expect out of a quality pair of batting gloves. These gloves offer a classic feel with a smooth leather palm for incredible comfort and relief along the bends of the knuckles. These camo gloves stand out and that is for good reason. They also feature a smooth sheep skin leather palm for ultimate comfort as well as the 4-way stretch with a ribbed backhand. These batting gloves also feature moisture wicking characteristics with the Pro Grade Wrist Strap. The glove also has added structure with the silicon overlay backhand.


– Great comfort with smooth sheep skin leather palm
– Glove features 4-way stretch with a ribbed backhand
– Moisture wicking pro grade wrist strap
– Added structure with silicon overlay backhand

Under Armour Men’s Cage Baseball Gloves

The Under Armour Men’s Cage Baseball Gloves is one of the most comfortable baseball batting gloves that we’ve tried on. The makeup is of 50% genuine goat skin leather, 40% nylon, 8% spandex and just a touch of polyester. These batting gloves are well made and will last you for multiple seasons. In addition, they are some of the best looking batting gloves on the diamond. Not only are you getting a comfortable set of batting gloves, but there are going to catch the eyes of everyone playing. The give you everything you need in some batting gloves. This includes giving you better grip and comfort so you can put your focus on the bat instead of your hands.


– Reduce soreness and vibration with strategically placed palm padding
– Needed durability and softness with leather palm
– Molded closure strap and elastic cuff offers wrist support
– Personal customization with internal locker tag
– Sold in pairs