Baseball Duffle Bags

If you’re looking for a way to carry all of your baseball equipment without lugging it around by hand, you can get yourself a baseball duffle bag. It’s a great way to carry your bats, gloves, cleats, changes of clothes and water bottles. The truth of it is, you could very well use any kind of bag to carry these items around but a duffle bag made specifically for baseball and softball players is going to have features that cater to the baseball player and what they need for practice and a game.

There are many kinds of baseball duffle bags with features that are a convenience for the player. When you are shopping for a duffle bag, you can choose different bag styles. Some are hand held, some of them are wheeled, some have a shoulder strap and others can be worn like a back pack. There are many options out there.

We know they choices can become overwhelming and instead of leaving you to fend for yourself, we wanted compile a list of some of the best baseball duffle bags of 2019. Everyone of these bags that is listed below is highly rated so you know you will be walking away with a quality bag. The key is to find the one that works best for you. Enjoy!

Easton E310D Player Duffle Baseball Bag

This duffle bag is perfect for any sports enthusiast especially those athletes who play baseball. Specially designed to hold whatever baseball gear you may need, this duffle bag even has two different sleeves on the sides that are used to carry your baseball bats. With an adjustable shoulder strap, this duffle bag is easy to carry and can be worn in a couple different ways, including across the chest. With a removable panel on the outside of the bag allows you to embroider your team name, logo, or whatever it is you use to represent the team you are on. Used by college baseball teams across the country, this durable and heavy duty baseball duffle bag is a great and resourceful piece of equipment to have.


– Two baseball bat sleeves on each side of the bag
– Made with heavy duty material will not rip or tear easily
– Special removable panel to embroider your teams name
– Made to hold all of your baseball gear
– Used by college baseball teams from across the country

Rawlings R601 Hybrid Bat Pack/Duffle Bag

This versatile and well made duffle bag is a great piece of equipment to bring with you to your sporting events. Made with top of the line material, this duffle bag will be sure to hold your baseball and other sports gear without ripping or tearing. Being able to hold and carry up to two baseball bats with sleeves on both sides of the duffle bag, you will no longer have to fumble around with all of your gear. A storage area for shoes and baseball cleats is also a great feature of this product.


– Cellphone and extra baseball glove storage compartment
– Holds up to two baseball bats
– Ventilated shoe storage compartment
– Can be worn as a backpack or carried as a duffle bag
– Easy to clean tarpaulin bottom

Under Armour Converge Baseball/Softball Backpack/Duffle Bag

Under Armour is a brand that brings some of the best sports gear and equipment out there and this duffle bag is proof of just that. Made with top of the line materials and stitching, this bag is a must have when it comes to hauling around your baseball equipment and gear. Specially designed with the athlete in mind, this duffle bag can carry up to four baseball bats without disrupting the rest of the gear, making it easy to transport everything you will need in one trip. With dual purpose straps, you will be able to hold your duffle bag, or you can carry the duffle bag like a book bag strapping to your shoulders.


– Holds up to four baseball bats
– Large storage area will fit all the baseball gear you will need
– Compartment made to hold cell phones and wallets
– Easy to carry or be worn as a backpack
– Perfect for any baseball game

Athletico Rolling Baseball Bag

The Athletico Rolling Baseball Bag is a perfect solution to anyone that has trouble with carrying all of their equipment in a single trip without dropping or fumbling around with the gear. This unique baseball bag actually has wheels attached to it so that you can easily transport your baseball gear with no hassle. Not only do you have the option of rolling your bag, there are straps placed on the bag that act as a duffle bag, meaning you do not have to roll your bag, you can easily pick it up from the straps and carry it the traditional way. One of the great benefits of using the rolling function however is you can carry much more weight without potentially hurting your back over it.


– Comes with wheels for easy transportation
– Holds up to 4 baseball bats as well as shoes, gloves, a helmet, and hat
– Made with heavy duty material will last for years and years to come
– Well ventilated and odor free
– Extra storage pockets for cell phone and other devices

Kimlee Youth Baseball Equipment Bag Tote Duffle Bag

The Kimlee Youth Baseball Equipment Bag is a perfect piece of equipment to help you transport all of your baseball or softball gear. Specially designed for children and teenagers, this bag is made with heavy duty, top of the line material and stitching which will make it very difficult for the bag to rip or tear. Coming complete with a sleeve to hold up to two baseball bats, you will have more room to store the rest of your gear.


– Adjustable shoulder strap and handle to make transporting easy
– Holds up to two baseball bats
– Large compartment will hold all of your baseball and softball gear
– Special compartment to hold wallet and cellphone
– Durable, will last for years and years to come