Bicycle Fenders

You are out riding your bike when it starts to rain. When you get to your destination you notice you have a mud strip going up your back from the tires kicking up dirty water. We all know this sucks and that why you are here looking for bicycle fenders. Fenders are great when you are riding those streets that are wet from snowmelt or rain. You are bound to get wet when riding in the rain but the fenders keep the bike from kicking up mud from underneath. The Brits call these mudguards and it is obvious why.

Now the issue becomes, what bicycle fenders do I get? There are many out there with different styles and then once you figure out what style you want, you need to determine which are the best. This is why we are making this list. We want to help you find some of the highest rated bicycle fenders for the year. We know the decision isn’t easy with so many options so we hope our list will help to get you moving in the right direction.

Check out our list of the best bicycle fenders of the year.

BlueSunshine Adjustable Road Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Fenders Set

The great thing about these bicycle fenders are they look great, come in different colors and do the job you need. They are under $10 so you keep that in mind but as far as stopping the rain and dirt puddles, these fenders work great. When it comes to the heavy duty mud, there might be better options but these score high in your ratings for the price.


– Apply to stem diameter less than 34 mm of all kinds of mountain bike, road bike, touring bike, racing bike, etc
– Lightweight and easy to assemble. Fixed seat easy for dismantled.
– Streamline shape, stylish appearance. Take synthetic fiber plastic, high strength.
– Can well prevent your bicycle or bike from the mud. Keep your bicycle dryer and cleaner.
– Easy to adjust the angle between mudguard and bike tire, no any repair tools required; Easy to install and remove, and durable to use.

SKS Rear Mudguard Xtra-Dry 26 inch

For just a few more bucks than the above set of fenders, the SKS rear mudguard Xtra-Dry is a of great value and solid quality. The fender is nice and wide and allows room for adjustment. This fender has a tendency to hit the tire if you haven’t tighted up the bolts enough so just make sure you do that and you will have a fender that will protect you from the elements.


– Fender is an update of classic backscratcher fender, named for the shape; long and straight, with curve at one end
– Quick-release strap grabs onto seat post or seat tube; pivot behind quick release to adjust angle of fender
– Long, narrow fender surface keeps chamois from getting too soggy, and rooster tails from soaking your back
– Made of shock-resistant, performance plastic; 140-gram weight
– Compatible with any seat post; recommended for all types of wet-weather cycling

Mordely Bicycle Fender Set

Mordely’s fender set is a great set of fenders for the price. These fenders are thick and wide so they stand up to the rough conditions and trail riding. They have a reinforced buckle to make sure they don’t move on you when you are riding. These fenders are high quality, look good, durable and easy to assemble and take off. For just under $30, you are getting some great fenders that will do the job. The design of these fenders are simple and offer a quick release design to meet your needs. The rear fender has a smooth arc design to protect from the mud and reduce resistance.

The front fender is equipped with a two-piece installation method that was created to help alleviate some of the damage that could happen if foreign objects were kicked up while riding. The rear fender can be rotated so it will be set up to serve you the best way possible.


– Material: lightweight, tough, long lasting PC material. the use of lightweight high-quality PC material.
– Structure:
– Sleek design made to protect
– Easy installation and removal
– 30 day refund

Planet Bike Big Buck Front Bike Fender

Big Buck fenders are one of the highest rated set of fenders for your fat tire bike on the market in 2018. It’s got great mud coverage with its fork mounted front bike fender’s super wide 4.5” profile. For right around $30, you are getting a great set of fenders that are easy to install and do a great job making sure you stay clean and dry. The front coverage isn’t perfect but for something that hangs a little lower you are going to end up paying much more money and have a heavier, and more complicated install. These fenders are great to try and then you can go from there.


– Durable all-weather polypropylene blade
– Includes hardware to fit small, standard and oversized tapered steer tubes (18.5-34.5mm ID)
– Mounts to most suspension and rigid forks
– Wheel size: 26”, 27.5”, 29” and 700c
– Fender width: 90-115mm for 3-5″ wide tires

Sunlite Cruiser Fenders

Sunlight continually puts out great products for bicycles. These are made for your old school cruiser. These fenders look really cool and will add a little flare to your bike with the long and functional coverage. These fenders are extremely sturdy and are great quality for the price. If you are looking for fenders that are going to set you apart from the other cruisers without breaking the bank, the Sunlite Cruiser Fenders are a great choice for you. Stay fresh and clean.


– Intended for use with 26“ x 2.125 tires
– Sturdy steel construction
– Comes with brackets and hardware

We hope this list helps you. This post was made to provide you with a starting point in your fender search.