Bike Computers

Bike computers are great for those that ride their bikes a lot and are great for helping you make the most out of your time. They are great training tools and depending on what kind you got, they have all sorts of features. Things like trying to keep your average speed a little higher than it was or finishing the route you take a little bit faster than last time will give you the motivation that you need to keep pushing harder. The bike computer is a great way to do this.

That being said, you came here to see our list of some highly rated bike computers. We put this list together based on features, reviews and cost. This way, you will have some options when you buy your own bike computer to use on the road.

We know there are plenty of other bike computers out there but this should get you started off on the right foot if you’ve never researched bike computers before. Enjoy the list we prepared!

Best Bike Computers 2019

Suaoki Wireless Bike Computer

The Suaoki Wireless Bike Computer is first to make our list of bike computers that we are fans of. This model is a great option for those that don’t want to drop a lot of money on a bike computer. It is also a solid option for those that have never had a bike computer before so they can see what they like. However, don’t let the price fool you. This computer has a lot of options that will give you a riding experience like you’ve never had.

This model will allow you to get the most out of your riding experience without breaking the bank. Some of the features include a speed comparator, total trip time, speedometer that gives you current/max/average results, temperature detection, stopwatch, power saving function, trip distance and auto sleep to name a few.


– Speed tracking
– Multiple functions
– Auto Systems including memory function and auto switch on and off
– Big Backlit Screen
– Sleek Design

SOON GO Bike Computer

Another option for the price conscious shopper is the SOON GO Bike computer. This is another option for those that want to start simple but still have a lot of options.


– Back light for riding at night
– Auto wake up and sleep
– Freeze frame memory
– Maintenance alerts
– Circumference settings that are wide type
– Miles setting are either KMpH or MpH
– Speed comparisons
– Automatic circulatory function
– 12H/24H Clock
– Elapsed time, riding time
– Total traffic mileage
– Current speed, average speed and max speed

Yopoon Cycle Computer

For around $20 you can scoop up the Yopoon Cycle Computer. This offers big features in a little package. It has a large 2.8 inch LCD screen so there is no confusion when riding. The backlit screen allows you to see the screen at night just as easily as in the daytime. In addition to these features, there are 22 features that will measure temperature, ride time, distance and speed to name a few. Whether you are mountain biking, road racing or just taking a leisurely cruise in the city, Yopoon has created a great little bike computer for you with great reviews.


– Big 2.8 inch screen for easy sight of speed and temperature
– LCD backlight on bike odometer
– Durable, convenient and portable
– Large LCD screen that’s easy to read
– Touch screen for easy control
– Simple installation with mounting accessories
– Great for riding, hiking, climbing and other outdoor activities

Garmin Edge 520 Bike GPS

Now we are getting into the big boys of the bike computer market and you shouldn’t expect anything less from Garmin. The Edge 520 is the only computer for a bike this is compatible with Strava live segments. It also includes a two month trial for Strava Premium. What Strava provides is live feedback during your ride. You will get things like alerts from start to finish as well as leaderboard rankings once you finish one of the segments.

You also get features like watts/kg and FTP tracking so you can compare yourself to cycling dynamics as well as other people. The built in FTP test helps set your baseline on the road or on the trainer. You can even find out your V02 max estimate with the Edge 520, as well as your recovery time post ride. This will let you know how long of a break you need before you jump back on the bike. These are just a few options that you can get on this bike computer so check it out.


– Challenges in ride via Strava live segments
– Cycling specific VO2 max and recovery time are reported through the Edge 520
– Pairs with indoor trainers for control and data display
– Tracks FTP (Functional Threshold Power), cycling dynamics and watts/kg when paired with Vector or Vector 2
– Get all sorts of other features including live tracking, receive/send courses, weather, automatic uploads and social media sharing

iGPSPORT iGS50E Bike Computer

This bike computer is somewhere between the Garmin and the other in terms of pricing and offers many of the same features as the Garmin. With its connected features like instant upload, ride sharing capabilities and high sensitivity GPS for accurate positioning, the iGPSPORT iGS50E bike computer is one of the best in 2018. It also offers comprehensive ride data like ride time, trip distance, attitude, gradient and temperature. In addition to having all these features, this bike computer is easy to install with an out front bike mount so you can easily mount and adjust your computer. Not that you will need a lot of adjustment to see your large screen, 2.2 inch, anti-dazzle screen. This is one of our favorites for the year.


– Real time display
– ANT+ Display Data
– Able to connect to your Android or iPhone
– Wireless transmission