Bike Frame Bag

If you have ever been out riding your bike and lost something from it falling out of your pocket, then you know the struggle. We know the feeling of not knowing where to put your phone or keys when you are riding. Sometimes you can fit them in your pockets but they might be uncomfortable or at risk of sliding out. The bike frame bag is the answer for that problem. You have come here to see some information about the best bike frame bags of the year and we intend to show you a few of them.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of other options but based on the ratings, these are some of the top bike frame bags on the market right now. They range in price but one thing is for sure; all of the bike frame bags below are going to help you in some way.

Check out our list of the best bike frame bags of the year!

Aduro Sport Bicycle Bike Storage Bag

The Aduro Sport Bicycle Bike Storage Bag is no frills. This bike bag does the job of carrying your stuff without looking bulky and getting in the way. The bag is easy to install and stays fastened securely to the frame of the bike so even if you are running your bike ragged, the Aduro bike bag will stay attached.


– This cycle bag connects easily to the frame of your bike and it is adjustable as well.
– Big opening with a zipper to make sure you lose nothing, It’s got a slim body design and is durable for all weather.
– This polyester design is strong and durable. In addition to being tough, it is water and weather proof.
– Will fit most essentials like keys, cable lock, repair tools, smartphones and your wallet.
– 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you aren’t happy with the product, reach out and Aduro will take care of you.

Ibera Bicycle Triangle Frame Bag

For $10 you can get the triangle frame bag from Ibera. This durable little frame bag will protect your valuables, not get in your way when you ride, and not be damaged by the weather. It’s got top zippers for the main part of the bag and side pockets as well. The main compartment is great form your wallets, phones, keys and repair tools. For the price, you are getting a highly rated frame bag that will stay secure and protect whatever you have.


– 16″ x 17″ x 11″ for as much space as you need
– Made with anti-abrasive 420D Nylon fabric for a strong and durable product
– Slim and sturdy design to hold up to the elements
– Easy installation and Velcro straps for a secure frame bag
– One year guarantee for your piece of mind

Vanwalk In Frame Bike Bag with Waterproof Touch Screen Phone Case

For under $20 you can pick up this Vanwalk frame bike bag with a waterproof touch screen phone case. Talk about getting everything you need in one package. Not only can you hold all of your essentials in this bag, but you can slide your phone into the top of the bag and use it while you are riding with the touch screen. This sturdy bag has everything you need in a bike frame bag including a place to put your phone. It even fits the iPhone X so there isn’t a phone too big for this frame bag. When it looks good and feels good, it is probably pretty good.

The phone case has a TPU Sensitive touch screen window. In addition, there is a cable outlet and two zippers for your earphones, USB cables or whatever you need. There is a thick layer of padding for the phone so none of the bumps you hit while riding will damage the phone.


– Zippers are well covered with PU which prevents water from entering the bag
– Shell on the outside is hard and durable to protect the contents
– Side bags are extra roomy for whatever you are bringing with you
– Velcro strap design made for easy and strong installation
– Extra rain resistant because of the high quality material
– Rain cover for your phone case

Blackburn Outpost Frame Bag

This bag from Blackburn Outpost is rated really for highly reason. It does everything you need from a frame bag and you can it in a variety of sizes. The bag itself is made very well and it is extremely functional. The mesh side pockets are great for snacks or gels while there is a hydration bladder pass through that works great for water or any cables/headphones you are using. You can get this bag in three different sizes. The medium sized bag seems to work best for smaller frames and great on bikes around 52cm. In addition, the bag is slim enough that you won’t even notice it when you are riding.


– Material: water resistant synthetic
– Dimensions: When open, the large is 20 x 11 inches, and the medium is18 x 11 inches. When closed the large is 20 x 7 inches and the medium is 18 x 7 inches.
– Pockets: multiple internal, main compartment, hydration port
– Weight: Large is 14.2 oz, Medium is 12.7 oz

SLS3 SMALL Cycling Top Tube AERO Bag

The SLS3 AERO Top Tube Fuel Bag is a great all around frame bag. You mount this bag to your frame for secure and aerodynamic storage. This bag has been designed with a 15 degree angle to make sure you are as aerodynamic as possible. This bag is great for a lot of the same reasons the other bags are. It is designed tough and sturdy and has enough pockets to hold all of your belongings. One of the things that make this model unique is the two micro-adjust rail systems and secure straps. Many other models only have one micro-adjust rails.


– Main compartment is 8.5” x 2” x 2” – Not the biggest bag but will hold the essentials
– Ultimate stability with the two micro-adjust rail systems and secure straps
– Easy setup and moved easily
– The ultimate aerodynamic bag with a 15 degree angle to reduce drag