BJJ Spats

If you are in the market for workout gear when it comes to training martial arts, especially those who wrestle or do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you may want to consider purchasing what are known as spats or rash guards. Spats do not only help reduce the friction on your skin due to mat burns, they can help keep your skin clean and greatly reduce the risk of any skin infections that you may be prone to. Athletes and martial artists such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners especially are involved with full body contact with other athletes such as themselves. Because of this, and because you never know how hygienic your training partner is, it is always safe to cover your skin as much as possible in the case of a contagious skin infection. Spats are also perfect to wear as they absorb sweat very well, the fabric used in many spats is specially designed for working out and training purposes. Below are different spats from different companies that are all rated very highly in terms of the performance and comfortability.

Elite Sports Workout Standard MMA BJJ Spats

The Elite Sports Workout Standard MMA BJJ Spats are brought to you by the company Elite Sports. Like many of Elite Sports products, the spats that they provide are highly rated and produced from only the most durable and flexible materials. With sizes big and small enough to fit just about anybody, these spats stay close and snug to your legs and waist, they are so comfortable you will forget you are wearing them.


– Made with a moisture wicking compression materials such as top quality Polyester, Nylon, and stretchy Spandex material
– UV SPF protection against sun rays, this material is safe to wear for outdoor training
– Very durable, reinforced 5 thread, 2 needle stitching perfect for grapplers
– Elastic waistband to fit your hips
– Stays tight against your skin with proper blood flow and circulation

Anthem Athletics Grappling Spats Compression Pants

The Anthem Athletics Grappling Spats are a product brought to you by the company Anthem Athletics. These spats are as durable as they are stylish and comfortable. With the Anthem Athletic logo embedded as a fully sublimated patch all over the pants, it is sure to never crack or peel. These spats were designed for those who do full body contact sports such as wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, catch wrestling, and nogi training. With the designs coming in many different colors, you will have no problem finding a pair that suits you.


– Train and compete in style with the Anthem Athletic designs and logos they put on their spats
– Allows proper air and blood circulation while staying snug against your skin
– Designed with multi-panel construct and double stitching to assure durability
– Will fit any body type, from small to XXL sizes
– Elastic waistband for comfort and flexibility

DRSKIN Men’s Compression Dry Cool Sports Tights Pants

The DRSKIN Men’s Compression Dry Cool Sports Pants are perfect for any sort of physical activity. Like many of DRSKIN’s products, this one will not disappoint when it comes to performance and comfortability. These spats are comfortable and feel like silk against your skin. Not only are these spats great for working out in, you can wear them for any activity you would like such as wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, yoga, and even just to run around in. They also come in many different colors and designs for your liking.


– Great for all year round training, keeps you warm and dry in the winter with the thermal material and cool in the summer
– Material is non abrasive and also UV ray resistant to block any harmful rays
– 92 percent Polyester, 8 percent Spandex material
– Quick dry system, fabric drys and absorbs moisture keeping your skin dry and cool when needed
– Blood flow and circulation allowing you to go for hours on end
– Comes in multiple sizes, designs, and colors

Hypnotik The Standard Jiu Jitsu Crossfit Spats

The Hypnotic Standard Jiu Jitsu Cross-fit Spats are perfect for anyone that trains and competes in martial arts, specifically those who study the art of Jiu Jitsu and other grappling sports. Not only are these specifically for working out, the brand Hypnotik in which this product is brought to you by, is a company that specializes in designing gear for martial artists. If you train Jiu Jitsu, chances are you have heard of Hypnotik, they are a very popular and well known brand in the fighting world.


– Approved by the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation
– Comes in rank colors, such as white, blue, purple, brown, and black. The rankings of the BJJ belt system.
– Elastic waist to ensure comfort around the hips
– Tight and snug against the legs, will not slip off
– Comes in all sizes for any body type, from small to XXL
– Proper circulation and blood flow allow you to keep going without feeling uncomfortable

Venum Men’s Technical 2.0 Spats MMA/BJJ

Venum is a popular and constantly growing company that specializes in the sport of martial arts. Not only does Venum sponsor MMA and BJJ fighters, they have a promising line of gear that blends in perfect with whatever fighting style you may have. The Technical 2.0 Spats are designed to keep your skin from getting friction burn against the mats, with the new ultra light fabric, you will be able to move freely with no restrictions. These spats come in a variety of colors and the company, Venum, even has other spats that have graphics on them such as the Venum Gorilla Spats. Anything coming from the company Venum has been made with top quality material for the best durability, lasting you for years with hardly any wear and tear.


– Highly rated company and product
– Smooth fabric leaving the skin safe and comfortable
– Moisture absorbing to keep you cool and dry while training or competing
– Ultra light and durable fabric
– Compete and train with style
– Tight against your skin all while maintaining proper air flow and circulation