Boxing Gloves

Many of us are looking for new ways to test ourselves. This may come in a variety of ways. You might set a goal to read a book every month or start jogging to get in better shape. However, other people are choosing to get into combat sports.

If you are thinking about getting into boxing, MMA, kickboxing or Muay Thai, boxing gloves are going to be an important piece of training gear. No matter which discipline you are training in, one part of your workout will be to work on your striking wearing these boxing gloves. But how do you choose what kind of boxing gloves to get? That’s a great question and that is what we are going to try to help you with.

Keep in mind, there are different kinds of boxing gloves that come in a variety of weights and sizes. They generally range from around 8 ounces to 20 ounces depending on the goal of training. When you are sparring with a partner or hitting the heavy bag, you will generally use a 12, 14 or 16 ounce boxing glove. The lighter ounce gloves are used in professional fights but the fighters will agree on a size.

They main reason these gloves come in different sizes is so they don’t hurt their hands preparing for a fights. Boxing gloves protect the fighter’s hands and minimizes the damage done the other fighter’s face as well. If the glove is heavier, the more protection it offers.

All that being said, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite boxing gloves for the year. All of these gloves are highly rated and reviewed so we want to share those with you. Take a look and the description of these gloves and their features and decide if they are for you.

Please enjoy our list of the best boxing gloves of the year.

TITLE Classic Boxing Gloves

These classic boxing gloves by TITLE are perfect for any style of fighting you are involved in. Whether it be for cardio fitness workouts, boxing, kickboxing or MMA, these gloves will do the job for an affordable price tag. They feature a pre-curved form fit design and tough vinyl cover with the power grip palm. You also get a wrist strap with hook and loop wrist closure for a snug fit and easy off and on.

These gloves are great for the price. For being made of vinyl, these gloves hold up surprisingly well even after months of bag work. We suggest giving them a shot if you are just starting your boxing journey and then upgrade later.


– Durable vinyl cover
– Pre curved form fit
– Has a wrist strap that comes with hook and loop closure

Pro Impact Pro Style Boxing Gloves

The mission of Pro Impact is a simple one. They want to provide top of the line products and service to their customers for an affordable price. Pro Impact offers sporting good products for many sports but their boxing gloves are solid as well.

These gloves are made with Polyurethane Synthetic Leather and in terms of protection and comfort, these gloves are very good. The Pro Impact Pro Style Boxing Gloves are made using the best quality powerhide materials. It also includes an attached them to increase flexibility and provide durability and comfort to those that use them during their sparring or training sessions.

You have to make sure you have a good pair of gloves when you are training. It is really important and the triple layered foam core built into these gloves will ensure that your knuckles and hands are protected.


– High quality PU material
– Triple layered foam core offers optimal protection
– Very comfortable with a balanced feel
– Adjustable hook and loop closure for secure fit
– Comes in many sizes

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

The Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves are designed for training in the most optimal way for an affordable price. These gloves encourage proper technique when punching because they are formed to be the shape of your fist. The innovative and dense two layer provides full padding on the wrist, front and back of your hand and better shock absorbency. These boxing gloves employ Everlast’s ThumbLok feature for additional safety. You can choose from the hook and loop wrist strap for quickly putting them on and pulling them off or you can go with the traditional lace style.

For under $50, these gloves are durable and look good. Even after these gloves get broken in, they still provide the protection needed. This even goes for power punchers. If you are using these in the gym to help you train, you can’t go wrong.


– ThumbLok feature allows the fist and thumb to stay in right position to avoid injury
– Promotes proper technique with front, back and wrist padding
– Available in multiple sizes and colors

Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves

Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves are great gloves at a price you can deal with. Trideer boxing gloves are made of high hydrolysis resistance PU leather. This material makes for a durable glove that is resistant to perspiration, tearing, corrosion and hydrolysis.

The dual protection high quality foam used in this glove feels good. This foam is moisture proof, has anti-corrosion qualities, has great heat insulation, is nontoxic and doesn’t absorb water.

In addition, the inside of this glove is made of silken cotton to protect your hands and create minimal friction. Air holes in the gloves keep your hands comfortable and dry while you hit the bag or your sparring partner. You also get a fist peak and thumb that are designed to fit nicely with the natural bending rate and shape of your hand.

Out of the bag, these gloves feel sturdy and durable. Again, we have another set of boxing gloves that won’t break the bank and work great.


– Multi-density foam creates the best protection for both you and your partner with great shock absorption
– More stability to the wrist because of widened hook and loop fastening straps
– Comfort through construction that fits the natural curve of your hand

RDX Ego Boxing Gloves

RDX has an arsenal of great boxing gloves and they are able to keep coming out with new variations because people love what they make. This is quality at a great price and you will notice when you put your hands in these gloves. You can be sure that these gloves can take on the storm of training. They are made of high quality Maya Hide leather which make these gloves even more sturdy.

RDX offers their unique Quadro-Dome Technology with their Tri-slab Shell-Shock gel built into the triple padding. This means that you will not feel the shock of the impact and you will avoid injuries. The palm design offers breathability and ventilation for your hands through the sweat wicking mesh inside these gloves. You also get great wrist support and better punching technique through the Quick-EZ Velcro closure.

In short, for the price tag you are getting some great gloves. They are very comfortable and they support your wrist just like the more expensive brands. These gloves will stay relatively fresh smelling with the air flow and that is something you don’t appreciate until you get a whiff of those old sweaty gloves.


– Maya Hide Leather for a durable and trustworthy glove
– Quadro-Dome Technology – design will utilize the space inside with Tri-slab Shell-Shock Gel padding for great shock absorption.
– Palm vent with inner grip for moisture wicking and better technique
– Quck-EZ Velcro strap to easily get the gloves on and off

Ringside Lace IMF Tech Training Gloves

The Lace IMF Tech Training Gloves by Ringside are great and they come in at a great price. In our review, we’ve come to the conclusion that these gloves are very comfortable and the knuckles are padded well. These gloves have an Injected Molded Foam padding system that creates a shock absorbing, thick layer of protection while giving you the feeling that these gloves are broken in by the time you get them.

They are made of synthetic leather which means they probably aren’t going to last as long as the gloves with real leather construction, but these gloves will get tiny tears here and there. However, none of these tears seem to get any bigger.

The gloves were a little loose without hand wraps but we always wear hand wraps so we aren’t concerned with that. Overall, these are great pair of boxing gloves at a price that will allow you to feel comfortable with your purchase.


– Made of synthetic leather
– Injected Molded Foam for ultimate protecting
– Comfortable and durable

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

For around $75, you can own your own pair of Venum Elite Boxing Gloves. These aesthetically pleasing gloves not only attract attention because of how good they look, but they also do the job in the gym. These gloves are completely hand made with 100% Skintex premium leather in Thailand. Fight after fight, you will experience the highest quality of boxing glove.

These gloves have long cuffs, triple density foam and reinforced palms to provide protection to your wrists and hands. The ability of these gloves to absorb shock will keep you training much longer than if you were using lower quality gloves.

Overall, the design really looks good, and the variety of sizes and colors makes sure that you can have boxing gloves for any type of training. The holes in the palm and the grip bar are great added features that keep your hands dry.


– High quality, premium Skintex leather build
– Comfortable triple density foam
– Long lasting quality with big Velcro enclosure
– Stay injury free with reinforced palm for total absorption
– Handmade in Thailand

Bad Boy Men’ Top Grade Lace Up Cowhide Leather Boxing Gloves

Bad Boy has been a pioneer in the lifestyle of alternative sports since 1982. No matter if its motocross, skateboarding, surfing or boxing, Bad Boy can do it all.

These gloves are middle of the road in terms of pricing and come in around $60. They are constructed of genuine cowhide leather which gives it long term durability and a matte finish. These gloves also feature the traditional lace up style closure which many will argue, keeps your hands and wrists much safer.

These gloves might take a little while to break in, but when you get them to that point, they are phenomenal. Bad Boy might not be the boxing brand that you’re used to but they make quality products for an affordable price.


– Wrist support is low profile. Wrist will sit flush against the glove making for a more secure fit
– Maximum shock absorption with the multi-density foam layering. There are five layers to make sure your hands stay safe
– Made of top grain cowhide leather to give you a durable glove that looks great.
– Hex-tech Grid padding allows for better dispersion of energy at the peak zones of impact
– Keep your hands dry with moisture wicking lining

Cleto Reyes Professional Fight Gloves

Hundreds of boxing champions swear by the boxing gloves made by Cleto Reyes. They continue to build their brand by working with the new style of combat fighters. These gloves are handcrafted in Mexico and are unmatched in terms of performance.

When the Cleto Reyes Professional Fight Gloves are made, quality control is at its max. They are made of 100% full grain leather and have a great contoured, sleek design. The lining of these gloves is water repellent to prohibit sweat from entering the padding and therefore, keeping these gloves in better shape for longer.

You also get better wrist protection with an extra-long cuff, and leather wrap around the wrist. The thumbs are also attached to the glove to prevent broken or sprained thumbs in addition to protecting your sparring partner’s eyes. These gloves are suitable for any kind of boxing training.


– Gloves are made in Mexico by hand
– Most popular boxing glove according to the pros
– Foam and quilted horse hair padding
– All leather build