If you are going on a camping trip or hike and will be out in an unknown territory, the best tool you can come equipped with for navigation is a compass. Even though some cell phones have a compass within them, you can not rely on anything that is battery powered. Being lost in an unknown area is both dangerous as it is life risking. Bringing an appropriate means of navigation is crucial.

With technology these days, compasses have been at their peak performance. There may be a certain set of qualities you are looking for when it comes to a compass. So whether you are looking for a compass that will help navigate your way back to safety, or just a compass that will keep you on the trail, the compass is a necessary piece of equipment to use. Down below are different compasses from different companies with their own unique set of features.

Eyeskey Multifunction Military Army Compass

The Eyeskey Multifunction Military Army Compass is a product that is brought to you by the company Eyeskey. This professional grade compass is everything that you could possibly need in a compass. Made with aluminum alloy, this compass is sure to be able to withstand any harsh conditions you may encounter. A compass such as this is sure to last you years and years of serious use without showing any signs of distress. This compass is one of the most popular amongst professional outdoorsmen.


– Durable and lightweight, this compass folds up to fit in your pocket
– Filled with thermo elastic liquid, this compass is equipped with a floating dial
– Adjustable sighting lens
– Conversion chart attached
– Map measurer for distance calculator

SharpSurvival Best Camping Survival Compass

The SharpSurvival Best Camping Survival Compass is a product brought to you by the company SharpSurvival. This is one of SharpSurvivals best hand compasses they have out right now. This compass takes a vintage old school approach to its style, but acts much better than one of the old timer compasses. Made with copper, this compass has a sleek design with a hardcover case that can withstand a drop from just about any height imaginable. If you are looking for a simple, yet effective, compass, the SharpSurvival Best Camping Survival Compass is the compass for you.


– Hard copper all around cover with a hinged case that opens with a touch of a button
– 360 degree rotating bezel
– Glows in the dark so you will not get lost during the night time hours or dark environments
– Perfect size to fit in your pocket
– Great for adults and children

Suunto MC-2 Compass

The Suunto MC-2 Compass is a compass that is brought to you by the company Suunto. This compass has a different look about it than any other compass out there. With a slick flat design, this compass is equipped with many features. Durable as it is long lasting, this compass is great for anyone that is going on a ski trip or just a hike in the woods. This compass is even highly suggested by search and rescue personnel as well. Ensure yourself you will not lose this compass by having a lanyard attached, this can be wrapped around your neck or anywhere else you feel comfortable with holding your compass close.

– Clinometer is equipped within the compass for those of you going on mountain/rock climbing, perfect for measuring out those hard to determine angles
– Lightweight and easily able to hang around your neck with a lanyard or secure in your pocket
– Sighting mirror that helps protect the bearings and gadgets inside all while getting a clear view
– Lifetime warranty, Suunto stands behind their products or your money back

SE CC4580 Military Lensatic and Prismatic Sighting Survival Emergency Compass

The SE Military Lensatic and Prismatic Survival Compass is a product that is brought to you by the company SE. This compass is one that is for those who are just beginning their journey in navigating their travels. If you are just going on an easy, light hike through the woods, this compass will do you just fine. Like many compasses, this one is liquid filled and uses a floating dial. Although it is a durable compass, it is not one you will want to bring with you if you are going on a long camping/hiking adventure. It is however a decent enough compass to take with you for your everyday light hikes or walks.


– Ruler on side of compass to measure inches and centimeters, great for calculating distances on a map
– A tripod screw base is on the compass to set on tripod for further accurate navigation
– Comes with a nylon water resistant pouch
– 36 inch lanyard can be attached to hang around your neck or anywhere else that is comfortable

Brunton TruArc 3 Compass

The Brunton TruArc 3 Compass is a product brought to you by the company Brunton. This is one of Brunton’s finest compasses they have to offer and like most of their products, this one will not disappoint. Built with cutting edge technology, this compass is both durable and effective in helping you navigate your way around the trickiest of places. Unlike many compasses, this compass has a magnet resistant material within it that will not confuse your compass into taking you the wrong direction. This compass can be taken anywhere in the world with you without making any adjustments, for it has a ‘global needle system’ that allows accurate navigation in the northern and southern hemispheres alike.


– Global Needle System allows you to make no adjustments when traveling from the northern to southern hemisphere, able to navigate right away anywhere in the world
– Resists magnetic interference from the outside world so you will always be on the right path
– Ruler built onto the sign for calculating distances on a map, centimeters to inches
– Lightweight and compact enough to fit securely inside your pocket, attach a lanyard to have it hang around your neck
– Both affordable and very highly ranked, may be the best compass available for its cheap price